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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-21w. Share the Road commemorative number plates. Fees. Regulations. Share the Road account. Use of image.

(e) The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may provide for the reproduction and marketing of the Share the Road commemorative number plate image for use on clothing, recreational equipment, posters, mementoes or other products or programs deemed by the commissioner to be suitable as a means of supporting the Share the Road account established under subsection (d) of this section. Any moneys received by the commissioner from such marketing shall be deposited in said account. (426)

Sec. 14-22. Expiration and renewal. (427)(Text)

(a) A motor vehicle registration issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire in accordance with schedules established by the commissioner. If the expiration date of the registration of the motor vehicle, except the registration of a motor vehicle used to transport passengers for hire, falls on any day when offices of the commissioner are closed for business, the registration shall be deemed valid for the operation of the motor vehicle until midnight of the next day on which offices of the commissioner are open for business. The commissioner shall prescribe the date and manner of renewing registrations. Not less than forty-five days prior to the expiration of any valid registration, the department shall mail an application for renewal to the registrant. In the case of a motor vehicle registered to a leasing company licensed pursuant to section 14-15, the department may mail an application for renewal of a leased vehicle to the lessee of such vehicle. Except for the processing of such application at an official emissions inspection station as provided in subsection (b) of this section or by telephone as provided in subsection (c) of this section, the commissioner may require that the application be returned by mail in order to be processed and approved, with only such exceptions, on a hardship basis, as shall be established by the commissioner in regulations adopted pursuant to chapter 54. (428)

(b) The commissioner may provide for the renewal of passenger registrations at official emissions inspection stations established pursuant to chapter 246a in accordance with schedules established by him which shall provide that expirations of registrations and emissions stickers occur on the same date. The commissioner may employ the services of the independent contractor which operates the system of official emissions inspection stations to process such applications for renewal in accordance with standards and procedures established by the commissioner. (429)

(c) The commissioner may provide for the renewal of the registration of any motor vehicle by means of a telephone request and order by the registrant. The commissioner may charge a service fee of five dollars, in addition to the fee prescribed for the renewal of the registration, for each application for renewal processed by telephone. Such service fee shall be used to cover the costs incurred in processing such applications. Any funds in excess of those necessary for the processing of such applications shall be deposited in the General Fund. Each registrant who elects to renew by telephone shall sign the certificate of registration, attesting to the information contained therein under penalty of false statement, as provided in section 53a-157b, when the certificate is issued by the commissioner. Any such certificate which is not signed shall be void. The commissioner may employ the services of an independent contractor or contractors to process such applications for renewal and provide any equipment or system necessary for such purpose. (430)

(d) If the adoption of a staggered system results in the expiration of any registration more than two years from its issuance, a prorated amount of the registration fee paid shall be charged in addition to the biennial fee. (431)

Secs. 14-22a to 14-22e. (432)(Text)

Reserved for future use. (433)

Sec. 14-22f. Cancellation of motor vehicle registration in error or failure to maintain accurate record of registration. Remedies. (434)(Text)

In the event the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles cancels any motor vehicle registration in error on or after January 1, 1996, or fails to maintain an accurate record of any such registration which has been issued or renewed on or after said date, and as a result of such error, a registrant has been issued a summons by a law enforcement officer for a violation of section 14-12, 14-12a or 14-13, the commissioner, upon confirmation of such error, shall (1) correct the registration records of the Department of Motor Vehicles, (2) notify the appropriate prosecuting authority of such error, (3) waive any fee provided in this part or in section 14-192 as may be necessary to evidence a valid registration or certificate of title, and (4) reimburse the registrant for any towing and storage charges and any other actual and reasonable expenses incurred by such registrant as a result of such error upon receipt of a written request for reimbursement. (435)

Sec. 14-23. Refunds on registrations to persons in armed forces. (436)(Text)

The commissioner may make application to the Comptroller for a refund when any person surrenders his or her registration or number plate or plates on any noncommercial motor vehicle and is inducted into the armed forces, as defined by section 27-103, during the then current registration period, such refund to be figured on a quarterly prorated basis but not to exceed three-quarters of the registration fee. The Comptroller, upon application of the commissioner and with the approval of the Attorney General, shall draw an order on the Treasurer in favor of any person who has been inducted into the armed forces for a refund of money paid for the registration of a motor vehicle. (437)

Sec. 14-24. Heavy duty trailers. Heavy construction equipment. Gross weight of tractor-trailer units. (438)(Text)

The commissioner may, if in his opinion it is equitable, grant a special registration and furnish a special set of number plates or markers, limited or unlimited as he deems advisable, for the operation of heavy duty trailers for the transportation of heavy construction equipment, of cranes or other heavy construction equipment upon the streets and highways of this state from the railroad station or the storage yard to the construction job, or from one construction job to another. Each movement of such trailer, when loaded, crane or other heavy construction equipment shall require a limited or unlimited written permit from the Commissioner of Transportation, unless it is operating with an oversize-overweight account code number, and a confirmation number furnished by said commissioner. The Commissioner of Transportation shall issue for each such vehicle operating with such an account code number a document which identifies the vehicle and states the date of issue and date of expiration. The original document, as furnished by the Commissioner of Transportation, shall be carried in the vehicle. The markers or number plates furnished by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles shall be displayed in a prominent place on the vehicle. Such registration may be revoked or suspended at the discretion of the commissioner. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the commissioner from issuing temporary registrations for vehicles of this class. The commissioner may, upon receipt of a certified copy of a permit granted under the provisions of section 13a-117, grant to the person named in the permit a special registration and furnish a special set of number plates or markers, limited or unlimited, as specified in the permit, which permit shall be a part of such registration. The registered gross weight of any tractor-trailer unit, where the trailer is registered as a heavy duty trailer, shall be the light weight of the tractor plus the gross weight of the heavy duty trailer. (439)

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