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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-46c. Responsibilities of board; recommendations.

Sec. 14-46c. Responsibilities of board; recommendations. (770)(Text)

The board shall have the following responsibilities: (1) To advise the commissioner on health standards relating to the safe operation of motor vehicles; (2) to recommend to the commissioner procedures and guidelines for licensing individuals with impaired health; (3) to assist in developing medically acceptable standardized report forms; (4) to recommend a training course for motor vehicle examiners on the medical aspects of operator licensure; (5) to undertake any programs and activities the commissioner may request relating to the medical aspects of motor vehicle operator licensure; and (6) to make recommendations and offer advice on individual health problem cases referred by the commissioner not later than sixty days from the date of such reference and to establish guidelines for dealing with such individual cases. In making such recommendations, the board may rely on medical or optometric records and reports, personally interview such individual or require a physical examination of such individual and a written medical report by a physician or a report by an optometrist designated by the board who shall not be a member of the board. Such individual may obtain a medical report by a physician or a report by an optometrist of his choice, licensed to practice in this state, which shall be given due consideration by the board in making any such recommendations. (771)

Sec. 14-46d. Confidential use of reports or records. Testimony re reports or records. (772)(Text)

Any reports or records received or issued by the department, commissioner, board or any of its members pursuant to sections 14-46a to 14-46g, inclusive, or section 10-298 for the purpose of determining whether such individual meets the health standards of motor vehicle operator licensure, shall be for the confidential use of the commissioner and the board and, except as may be required by state or federal law, shall not be made available to any person, or to any federal, state or local governmental agency and shall not be used as evidence at any trial. Such reports or records, however, may be made available to the individual who is the subject of such reports or records or to his authorized representative and may be used at proceedings conducted under chapter 54 or this chapter. Any person conducting an examination or furnishing any report or record pursuant to sections 14-46a to 14-46g, inclusive, may be compelled to testify on such reports or records at any such proceedings. A member of the board may not be compelled to testify in any other proceeding as to any facts concerning the medical condition of any person known by such member as a result of a review of such reports or records relative to such person except upon order of the court if the interests of justice so require. (773)

Sec. 14-46e. Recommendations of board to be advisory. Failure to comply with requests of commissioner or board. (774)(Text)

(a) The commissioner shall give due consideration to any recommendations of the board and to any reports, records or opinions submitted pursuant to sections 14-46a to 14-46g, inclusive, but such recommendations, reports, records or opinions shall be merely advisory and not binding on the commissioner. (775)

(b) Any person who is the subject of any inquiry under sections 14-46a to 14-46g, inclusive, who refuses to submit to a physical examination or provide other information requested by the commissioner or board shall be considered unfit to operate a motor vehicle until he complies with such request. (776)

Sec. 14-46f. Immunity from civil liability. (777)(Text)

No civil action may be brought against the commissioner, the department or any of its employees, the board or any of its members or any physician for providing any reports, records, examinations, opinions or recommendations pursuant to sections 14-46a to 14-46g, inclusive. Any person acting in good faith without negligence or malicious intent in making any report to the commissioner or board pursuant to sections 14-46a to 14-46g, inclusive, shall be immune from civil liability. (778)

Sec. 14-46g. Right of appeal. (779)(Text)

Any person whose operator's license has been suspended, restricted or revoked or whose application for an operator's license has been denied under section 14-45a or sections 14-46a to 14-46f, inclusive, shall have the right of appeal under chapter 54. No person may operate a motor vehicle in violation of any suspension, restriction or revocation while this appeal is pending. (780)

(C) (781)

FEES (782)

Sec. 14-47. Fees for registering motor vehicles eligible for commercial registration and tractors. (783)(Text)

(a) The commissioner shall determine the gross weight of each motor vehicle which is eligible for commercial registration, including each tractor equipped with rubber tires and, for the purpose of computing fees, gross weight shall be the weight of the vehicle in pounds plus the rated load capacity in pounds as determined by the commissioner, provided, in the case of a tractor restricted for use with a trailer, registered as a heavy duty trailer, the fee shall be based on the gross weight of the tractor which shall be the light weight of such tractor; and said commissioner shall collect fees for registration based on such gross weight, as follows: When all surfaces in contact with the ground are equipped with pneumatic tires, the fee for such motor vehicle or tractor of gross weight not exceeding twenty thousand pounds shall be one dollar and sixteen cents, for each one hundred pounds or fraction thereof; from twenty thousand and one pounds up to and including thirty thousand pounds, one dollar and forty-two cents, for each one hundred pounds or fraction thereof; from thirty thousand and one pounds up to and including seventy-three thousand pounds, one dollar and seventy-seven cents, for each one hundred pounds or fraction thereof; from seventy-three thousand and one pounds and over, one dollar and ninety-two cents, for each one hundred pounds or fraction thereof. In addition to any other fee required under this subsection, a fee of ten dollars shall be collected for the registration of each motor vehicle subject to this subsection. (784)

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