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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-71. Schedule of rates to be filed.

Sec. 14-71. Schedule of rates to be filed. (1123)(Text)

The applicant for a license to operate a drivers' school shall file with the commissioner a schedule of rates charged for services involved in the instruction of drivers. If such rates are changed, he shall file an amended schedule. (1124)

Sec. 14-72. Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew school license. (1125)(Text)

The commissioner may suspend, revoke or refuse to renew any school license if: (a) The licensee has made a material false statement or concealed a material fact in connection with the application for a license or the renewal thereof; (b) the licensee has failed to comply with any of the provisions of this part or any of the regulations of the commissioner; (c) the licensee or any partner or officer of such licensee has been guilty of fraud or fraudulent practices in relation to the business conducted under the license, or guilty of inducing another person to resort to fraud or fraudulent practices in relation to securing for himself or another a license to drive a motor vehicle; (d) the licensee has failed to maintain satisfactory insurance to meet damage claims as required by section 14-70. (1126)

Sec. 14-73. Instructor's license. Master instructor's license. Regulations. (1127)(Text)

(a) No person shall be employed by any such school licensee to give instruction in driving a motor vehicle unless such person is licensed to act as an instructor by the commissioner. (1128)

(b) Application for an instructor's license shall be in writing and shall contain such information as the commissioner requires. Each applicant for a license shall be fingerprinted and shall furnish evidence satisfactory to the commissioner that such applicant (1) is of good moral character considering such person's state and national criminal history records checks conducted in accordance with section 29-17a, and record, if any, on the state child abuse and neglect registry established pursuant to section 17a-101k. If any applicant for a license or the renewal of a license has a criminal record or is listed on the state child abuse and neglect registry, the commissioner shall make a determination of whether to issue or renew an instructor's license in accordance with the standards and procedures set forth in section 14-44 and the regulations adopted pursuant to said section; (2) has held a license to drive a motor vehicle for the past four consecutive years and has a driving record satisfactory to the commissioner, including no record of a conviction or administrative license suspension for a drug or alcohol-related offense during such four-year period; (3) has had a recent medical examination by a physician licensed to practice within the state and the physician certifies that the applicant is physically fit to operate a motor vehicle and instruct in driving; (4) has received a high school diploma or has an equivalent academic education; and (5) has completed an instructor training course of forty-five clock hours given by a school or agency approved by the commissioner, except that any such course given by an institution under the jurisdiction of the board of trustees of the Connecticut State University System shall be approved by the commissioner and the State Board of Education. During the period of licensure, an instructor shall notify the commissioner, within forty-eight hours, of an arrest or conviction for a misdemeanor or felony, or an arrest, conviction or administrative license suspension for a drug or alcohol-related offense. (1129)

(c) The commissioner may deny the application of any person for an instructor's license if he determines that the applicant has made a material false statement or concealed a material fact in connection with his application for the instructor's license. (1130)

(d) The commissioner shall conduct such written, oral and practical examinations as he deems necessary to determine whether an applicant has sufficient skill in the operation of motor vehicles to ensure their safe operation, a satisfactory knowledge of the motor vehicle laws and the ability to impart such skill and knowledge to others. If the applicant successfully completes the examinations and meets all other requirements of this section, the commissioner shall issue an instructor's license to such applicant. The license shall be valid for use only in connection with the business of the drivers' school or schools listed on the license. If the applicant fails the examination, such applicant may apply for reexamination after one month. The license and the license renewal shall be valid for one year. (1131)

(e) The licensee shall be reexamined periodically in accordance with standards specified in regulations adopted under section 14-78. Persons licensed for the first time as instructors shall, in the three years following their initial licensure, attend seminars, annually, in traffic safety sponsored by the Department of Motor Vehicles or take an advanced instructor course of not less than forty-five clock hours in traffic safety approved by the commissioner. Proof of compliance with the requirement for attendance at seminars or the taking of instruction shall be made before license renewals are issued. The seminars shall be self-sustaining. (1132)

(f) The commissioner may establish, by regulations adopted in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, standards and procedures for the training and licensing of master instructors who are qualified to train driving instructors. The provisions of subsection (b) of this section and section 14-74 shall apply to master instructors. (1133)

(g) The fee for an instructor's license, or for any renewal thereof, shall be fifty dollars. The fee for a master instructor's license, or for any renewal thereof, shall be one hundred dollars. If the commissioner has not received a complete renewal application and fee on or before the expiration date of an applicant's license, such applicant shall be charged, in addition to the renewal fee, a late fee in an amount equal to the fee for such applicant's license. (1134)

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