Connecticut Laws - Title 21a Consumer Protection
Sec. 21a-266. (Formerly Sec. 19-472). Prohibited acts.

Sec. 21a-266. (Formerly Sec. 19-472). Prohibited acts. (1097)(1-click HTML)

(a) No person shall obtain or attempt to obtain a controlled substance or procure or attempt to procure the administration of a controlled substance (1) by fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or subterfuge, or (2) by the forgery or alteration of a prescription or of any written order, or (3) by the concealment of a material fact, or (4) by the use of a false name or the giving of a false address. (1098)

(b) Information communicated to a practitioner in an effort unlawfully to procure a controlled substance, or unlawfully to procure the administration of any such substance, shall not be deemed a privileged communication. (1099)

(c) No person shall wilfully make a false statement in any prescription, order, report or record required by this part. (1100)

(d) No person shall, for the purpose of obtaining a controlled substance, falsely assume the title of, or claim to be, a manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacist, physician, dentist, veterinarian, podiatrist or other authorized person. (1101)

(e) No person shall make or utter any false or forged prescription or false or forged written order. (1102)

(f) No person shall affix any false or forged label to a package or receptacle containing controlled substances. (1103)

(g) No person shall alter an otherwise valid written order or prescription except upon express authorization of the issuing practitioner. (1104)

(h) No person who, in the course of treatment, is supplied with controlled substances or a prescription therefor by one practitioner shall, knowingly, without disclosing such fact, accept during such treatment controlled substances or a prescription therefor from another practitioner with intent to obtain a quantity of controlled substances for abuse of such substances. (1105)

(i) The provisions of subsections (a), (d) and (e) shall not apply to manufacturers of controlled substances, or their agents or employees, when such manufacturers or their authorized agents or employees are actually engaged in investigative activities directed toward safeguarding of the manufacturer's trademark, provided prior written approval for such investigative activities is obtained from the Commissioner of Consumer Protection. (1106)


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