Connecticut Laws - Title 25 Water Resources. Flood And Erosion Control
Sec. 25-102ff. Review of land use applications.

Sec. 25-102ff. Review of land use applications. (586)(1-click HTML)

(a) Commencing on the one hundred twenty-first day after October 1, 1983, whenever a municipality receives an application for any of the land uses listed in this section on land that is located within the conservation zone, such municipality shall forward a copy of the application to the assembly for information, review, comments and recommendations. The application shall be forwarded not later than thirty-five days before a public hearing, if a hearing is required or scheduled, or before a decision is made on the application if no hearing is required or scheduled. Application for the following land uses shall be forwarded to the assembly: (1) Any use of land for commercial, business, retail or office use, or any combination thereof, which requires a land area of more than seven and one-half contiguous acres or a change of zone of more than seven and one-half contiguous acres, or a building floor area of more than seventy-five thousand square feet; (2) any industrial or manufacturing use which requires a land area of more than ten contiguous acres or a change of zone of more than ten contiguous acres, or the employment of more than two hundred fifty employees; (3) any residential use which requires more than twenty-five contiguous acres or a change of zone of more than twenty-five contiguous acres, or includes more than fifty dwelling units; (4) any municipal or institutional use which requires a land area of more than fifteen contiguous acres; (5) any project which is submitted by a public service company for municipal approval which includes a proposed land use of ten acres or more; (6) any use having one hundred or more parking spaces; (7) any hazardous waste facility as defined in section 22a-115; (8) any solid waste facility, as defined in section 22a-207; (9) any oil refinery or bulk fuel oil storage facility; (10) any bridge, dam or hydropower facility; (11) any electric transmission line of a design capacity of sixty-nine kilovolts or more, or (12) any soil and earth material removal operation involving fifteen thousand cubic yards of material or five contiguous acres of land area. (587)

(b) The assembly upon receiving a copy of the application, may prepare written comments concerning the regional impact of the proposed land use and prior to any public hearing submit such comments to the municipality forwarding such copy. If no public hearing is required, comments, if any, shall be forwarded to such municipality prior to the scheduled date of municipal action on the proposal. (588)

(c) The municipality shall read any comments submitted by the assembly into the record of any public hearing or public meeting held on the application. Comments provided by the assembly shall be advisory. The lack of comment by the assembly shall not be considered in a negative or affirmative manner. (589)

(d) A two-thirds vote of all the members of the local agency having authority to act on the application shall be required to approve an application which has received a negative comment from the assembly. (590)


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