Connecticut Laws - Title 25 Water Resources. Flood And Erosion Control
Secs. 25-171 to 25-174.


Sec. 25-175. Establishment of commission. Membership. (836)(1-click HTML)

There is hereby established a Bi-State Farmington River Commission. Such commission shall consist of eighteen members, nine of whom shall be residents of Connecticut and nine of whom shall be residents of Massachusetts. The Connecticut members shall be as follows: One member representing the Department of Environmental Protection, appointed by the Governor, one representative from each of the towns of Barkhamsted, Hartland, Colebrook, New Hartford and Canton, each appointed by the local legislative body of such towns, and one member who shall be appointed jointly by the speaker of the House of Representatives and the majority leader of the House of Representatives, one member who shall be appointed jointly by the president pro tempore of the Senate and the majority leader of the Senate and one member who shall be appointed jointly by the minority leader of the Senate and the minority leader of the House of Representatives. Members of the General Assembly may be appointed to said commission. (837)

Sec. 25-176. Duties of commission. Report. (838)(1-click HTML)

The commission may make such recommendations as may be necessary to effectuate the purposes of this section and section 25-175. In furtherance of its responsibilities, the commission shall consider any action proposed for the area of the Farmington River bordering on the towns identified in section 25-175 and being considered for designation under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The commission shall consider the impact of such proposed action upon the wild, scenic, recreational and historic values of said river and shall act to protect and enhance such values. The commission shall prepare and submit a report to the local legislative bodies of the respective towns, if requested by such towns. (839)

Sec. 25-177. Effective date. (840)(1-click HTML)

Sections 25-175 and 25-176 shall take effect upon the enactment by the state of Massachusetts of legislation having like effect as said sections. (841)

Sec. 25-178. Designation of the Farmington River within the national wild and scenic rivers system. (842)(1-click HTML)

(a) It is declared to be the policy of the state of Connecticut that the portion of the Farmington River which is the subject of the authorized study by the Farmington Wild and Scenic River Study Committee for purposes of designation as a national wild and scenic rivers system be preserved as provided for in the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Public Law 90-542, as amended. (843)

(b) The Commissioner of Environmental Protection shall cooperate with all relevant federal, state and local agencies to provide for such designation and to implement any management plan developed in accordance with the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Upon the designation of the river segment by Congress, the commissioner shall notify the joint standing committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to the environment regarding any statutory changes necessary to implement the preservation and conservation of the river segment in accordance with the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The commissioner shall cause a copy of this section to be delivered to all United States Representatives and Senators representing Connecticut in the Congress of the United States. (844)

Secs. 25-179 to 25-198. (845)(1-click HTML)

Reserved for future use. (846)

Note: Chapters 483d to 483z are also reserved for future use. (847)


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