Connecticut Laws - Title 25 Water Resources. Flood And Erosion Control
Sec. 25-202. Eligible river corridors.

Sec. 25-202. Eligible river corridors. (879)(1-click HTML)

(a) The commissioner, in accordance with the provisions of this section, shall adopt a list of rivers flowing within or through or bordering this state which, together with the surrounding land, the commissioner considers appropriate for designation as a protected river corridor. Such rivers shall include those with surrounding lands which are substantially undeveloped and which rivers or lands have exceptional value due to their natural, archaeological, scenic or recreational resources. (880)

(b) A river corridor may be included on such list if the commissioner determines that (1) the river corridor is substantially undeveloped or rural in character, (2) the river corridor has been highly rated in the state rivers assessment data bank for its natural, archaeological, scenic or recreational values and (3) existing uses of the river corridor are compatible with preservation of such values. (881)

(c) After compiling a draft list of eligible river corridors, the commissioner shall publish in a newspaper having a substantial circulation in the affected area notice of thirty days opportunity to submit comments to the commissioner regarding the list, and of the time and place of a public hearing. Such notice shall be published at least thirty days prior to the date of the hearing. After considering all comments made, the commissioner shall revise the list as appropriate and adopt such revised list, and shall furnish a copy thereof to the chief elected official of each municipality in the affected area. The commissioner may subsequently add or delete river corridors from the list in accordance with the procedures specified in this section. (882)


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