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Connecticut Laws | Title 25 Water Resources. Flood And Erosion Control
Sec. 25-92. Segregation and use of assessment funds.

Sec. 25-92. Segregation and use of assessment funds. (388)(Text)

The proceeds of such assessments, whether or not pledged for the payment of securities, shall be segregated from other funds of the municipality and shall be used only to pay for the construction or reconstruction of the flood or erosion control system or particular portion thereof in respect to which such assessments are made or, as the case may be, for the payment of the interest on or principal of any securities issued to pay for such system or particular portion thereof. (389)

Sec. 25-93. Delinquent payments. (390)(Text)

Any assessment against benefited property not paid within thirty days of the due date shall thereupon be delinquent and shall be subject to interest from the due date at the same interest rate and in the same manner as provided by the general statutes in the case of delinquent taxes, provided, in the case of an assessment payable in installments, interest shall be computed on the entire unpaid balance of such assessment from the due date of the last installment which was paid, or from the due date of the assessment if no previous installment has been paid. Each addition of interest shall become, and be collectible as, a part of such assessment. Whenever any installment of an assessment becomes delinquent, any remaining unpaid installments of such assessment shall also become delinquent; provided, if all past due installments, together with interest and any other charges, have been paid in full, remaining installments may be paid without additional penalty, except for subsequent default, in accordance with the original installment schedule. (391)

Sec. 25-94. Agreements concerning navigation and flood or erosion control. (392)(Text)

Any flood and erosion control board established under section 25-84, any such board or commission established by special act or any district having as one of its powers and purposes the right to construct or maintain a flood and erosion control system under chapter 105, acting through its officers, is authorized to negotiate, cooperate and enter into agreements with (1) the United States, (2) the United States and the state of Connecticut or (3) the state of Connecticut in order to satisfy the conditions imposed by the United States or the state of Connecticut in authorizing any system for the improvement of navigation of any harbor or river and for protection of property against damage by floods or by erosion, provided such system shall have been approved by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection. (393)

Sec. 25-95. Agreements of state and local authorities. (394)(Text)

The state, acting through the Commissioner of Environmental Protection, may enter into agreements with such local authority authorized to contract under section 25-94 for the purpose of constructing projects or systems to prevent, correct and arrest erosion and flood damage within the boundaries of the state. The plans, specifications, system and construction shall be under the direct control and supervision of the commissioner. The contract shall describe (1) the nature and extent of the system, (2) the amount of the cost to the state, (3) the share to be paid by the district or board and (4) the method of financing the payment by such local authority, all of which shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner. (395)

Sec. 25-96. Attorney General to approve agreements. Assistance furnished at local expense. (396)(Text)

All contracts and agreements which the state may enter into shall be approved as to form by the Attorney General. The commissioner is authorized to furnish, at the request and expense of such local authority authorized to contract under section 25-94, such technical advice consisting of plans, specifications, surveys, cost estimates, engineering and inspection services as such local authority deems advisable. If such local authority enters into a contract with the commissioner for the construction of a system, such expense shall be deemed part of the cost of construction. (397)

Sec. 25-97. Joint projects of two or more municipalities. (398)(Text)

When any such improvement or protection project or system is located within two or more municipalities, such municipalities, acting by their flood and erosion control boards, are authorized to undertake jointly any such action as is authorized by sections 25-94 and 25-95, and the cost to each board shall be determined by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection. (399)

Sec. 25-98. Acceptance of gifts. (400)(Text)

In carrying out the purposes for which it was established, any local authority authorized to contract under section 25-94 may accept, receive and expend gifts, devises or bequests of money, lands or other properties to be applied and expended in the manner provided herein. (401)


Sec. 25-99. Connecticut River Flood Control Compact. (403)(Text)

Approval is hereby given to a compact in the following form: (404)


Whereas, the federal government exercises jurisdiction over the nation's navigable rivers and their tributaries through passage of the flood control act of nineteen hundred and thirty-six and various other acts amendatory thereto; and (406)

Whereas, these acts provide for construction by the United States of dams for flood control and, where feasible, in addition to flood control for storage of water to be used for irrigation, recreation or hydroelectric power or for any of these purposes; and (407)

Whereas, the Connecticut is an interstate river and control of major floods on it can be obtained only by the construction of dams by the United States under authorization of the above mentioned acts; and (408)

Whereas, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the States of Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont recognize that it is in the interest of their general welfare that the United States construct in the Connecticut River Valley a comprehensive system of local protection works and dams and reservoirs to control floods and prevent loss of life and property, the disruption of orderly processes and the impairment of commerce between the aforesaid states; and (409)

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