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Connecticut Laws | Title 25 Water Resources. Flood And Erosion Control
Sec. 25-121. Appointment of commission member.


Secs. 25-122 to 25-125. Authority to enter compact. Assistance to Governor. Connecticut Interstate Water Compact Commission. Appropriation. (714)(Text)

Sections 25-122 to 25-125, inclusive, are repealed. (715)


Sec. 25-126. Definitions. (717)(Text)

For the purposes of this chapter: (718)

(1) "Well" means an artificial excavation or opening in the ground, by which groundwater can be obtained or through which it flows under natural pressure or is artificially withdrawn; (719)

(2) "Abandoned well" means a well whose use has been permanently discontinued; (720)

(3) "Groundwater" means subsurface water; (721)

(4) "Well drilling" means and includes the industry, procedure and all operations engaged in by any person, full time or part time, for compensation or otherwise, to obtain water from a well or wells by drilling, or other methods, for any purpose or use; (722)

(5) "Well driller" means a person who engages in well drilling; (723)

(6) "Person" includes an individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, association or organization, or any combination thereof; (724)

(7) "Board" means the examining board for plumbing and piping work; (725)

(8) "Water-supply well" means a well constructed for the purpose of obtaining or providing water for drinking or other domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural or recreational use; (726)

(9) "Non-water-supply well" means any well other than a water-supply well. (727)

Sec. 25-127. Connecticut Well Drilling Board. (728)(Text)

Section 25-127 is repealed. (729)

Sec. 25-128. Duties of board. Well Drilling Code. (730)(Text)

(a) For the purpose of safeguarding the public health, the board shall promote and encourage cooperation among well drillers and governmental agencies in the development and protection of records of underground water formations and resources. The board shall prepare and print such bulletins as may be necessary for the benefit of the industry and furnish copies to the industry and to the public upon request. (731)

(b) (1) The Commissioner of Consumer Protection, with the advice and assistance of the board, shall promulgate, in accordance with chapter 54, regulations for the well drilling industry in cooperation with the Department of Public Health and the Department of Environmental Protection, with due regard for the preservation of public health, the preservation, allocation and management of the groundwater of the state, the protection of the consuming public and the maintenance of geological and other scientific data. Said regulations, together with the regulatory provisions of this chapter and the section of the Public Health Code relating to wells, shall be collectively known as the Connecticut Well Drilling Code. From time to time the Commissioner of Consumer Protection, with the advice and assistance of the board, shall similarly adopt such amendments or additions to such regulations as are necessary and proper governing the construction, repair and abandonment of wells. (2) Said Well Drilling Code shall be enforced and violations thereof shall be punished in the same manner as is provided for the Public Health Code of the state by sections 19a-36 and 19a-207. (732)

Sec. 25-129. Certificate of registration. Insurance requirement. Limited contractor and limited journeyperson well casing extension certificates of registration. Regulations. (733)(Text)

(a) The Commissioner of Consumer Protection, with the advice and assistance of the board, shall establish the requirements of registration for well drilling contractors. Each person, before engaging in the business of well drilling or pump installing, shall obtain annually from the Department of Consumer Protection a certificate of registration as a well drilling contractor, using an application blank prepared by said department. Each application for issuance or renewal of a certificate of registration shall be accompanied by a certificate of liability coverage for bodily injury of at least one hundred thousand dollars per person with an aggregate of at least three hundred thousand dollars and for property damage of at least fifty thousand dollars per accident with an aggregate of at least one hundred thousand dollars. The applicant shall pay a registration fee of eighty-eight dollars with the application and an annual renewal registration fee of two hundred fifty dollars for renewals on and after April 1, 1984. A certificate of registration is not transferable and expires annually. A lost, destroyed or mutilated registration certificate may be replaced by a duplicate upon payment of a lost fee of fifteen dollars. (734)

(b) A well drilling contractor shall place in a conspicuous location on both sides of his well drilling machine his registration number in letters not less than two inches high. (735)

(c) A governmental unit engaged in water-supply well drilling shall be registered under this chapter, but shall be exempt from paying the registration fees. A governmental unit engaged in non-water-supply well drilling shall be exempt from the requirements for registration under this chapter if the drilling is done by regular employees of, and with equipment owned by, the unit and the work is on non-water-supply wells intended for use by the governmental unit. (736)

(d) This chapter shall not restrict a plumber or electrician from engaging in the trade for which he has been licensed. (737)

(e) (1) A certificate of registration may be refused, or a certificate of registration duly issued may be suspended or revoked, or the renewal thereof refused by the board if said board has good and sufficient reason to believe or finds that the applicant for or the holder of such a certificate has: (A) Made a material misstatement in the application for a registration of any application for renewal thereof; or (B) obtained the registration through wilful fraud or misrepresentation; or (C) demonstrated gross incompetency to act as a well driller; or (D) been guilty of failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter or the State Well Drilling Code, as from time to time amended; or (E) refused to file reports of wells drilled as required by subsection (a) of section 25-131; or (F) been found guilty by the board, the Commissioner of Public Health or by a court of competent jurisdiction, of any fraud, deceit, gross negligence, incompetency or misconduct in the industry, operations or business of well drilling. (738)

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