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Connecticut Laws | Title 26 Fisheries And Game
Sec. 26-86d. Penalty.

Sec. 26-86d. Penalty. (432)(Text)

Section 26-86d is repealed. (433)

Sec. 26-86e. Regulation of hunting of doe deer. (434)(Text)

The Commissioner of Environmental Protection may issue regulations prohibiting the hunting, wounding, killing or possession of doe deer on a state-wide, county or described-area basis, when he finds such action necessary to preserve reasonably adequate breeding stock. (435)

Sec. 26-86f. Hunting of fawn deer prohibited. (436)(Text)

No person shall hunt, wound, kill or remove from the wild any fawn deer at any time, except that such deer found wounded or injured may, with due care, be removed from the wild for the purpose of having the wounds or injuries treated, and all such deer shall, within twenty-four hours after such removal, be turned over to a representative of the Department of Environmental Protection for such disposition as shall be determined by the commissioner. (437)

Sec. 26-87. Taking rabbits by use of ferrets. Authorization. Penalties. (438)(Text)

The commissioner may authorize the commissioner's conservation officers or other agents to take rabbits by the use of ferrets for the purpose of restocking and redistribution. Any person who takes any rabbit by the use of a ferret, except as authorized in this section, shall be fined not less than ten dollars or more than fifty dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days or be both fined and imprisoned, and the possession of each rabbit taken by the use of a ferret, except as so authorized, shall constitute a separate offense. (439)

Sec. 26-88. Use of explosives. (440)(Text)

No person shall take or attempt to take any gray squirrel, rabbit or other fur-bearing animal protected by law by the use of gunpowder, dynamite or other explosive compound, or by fire, smoke, brimstone, sulphur, gas or chemical, or by digging from any hole or den, provided nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the shooting of any gray squirrel or rabbit or fur-bearing animal. (441)

Sec. 26-89. Cutting trees or using fire to take raccoon. (442)(Text)

Any person who cuts down any tree or uses fire, smudge or smoke for the purpose of taking raccoon shall be fined not more than two hundred dollars. (443)

Sec. 26-90. False statement, penalty. General penalty. (444)(Text)

(a) No person shall make any material false statement or sign the name of another when making application for any permit authorized under any provision of this part nor shall any person make any material false statement or sign the name of another when reporting the killing of any deer as required under the provisions of this part. Any person who makes any material false statement or signs the name of another when reporting the killing of any deer or when making application for any permit authorized under any provision of this part, whether or not such permit is issued, shall be deemed to have committed such offense in the town listed as the town of killing on the deer-killing report or the town listed on the application form as being the town in which the property is located or, if such property is listed as being located in more than one town, criminal jurisdiction may be taken in any such town. (445)

(b) Any person who violates any provision of this part, or any regulation issued by the commissioner pursuant thereto, for which no other penalty is provided shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than two hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than sixty days or be both fined and imprisoned, and the possession of each quadruped or part thereof taken in violation of any such provision shall be a separate offense. Any firearm, shell, cartridge and any other weapon and any other device used, or intended to be used, and found by the trial court to have been in the possession of any person charged with a violation of this section or any provision of section 26-82 or section 26-86a, when such person is convicted, or upon the forfeiture of any bond taken upon any such complaint, shall be ordered by the trial court to be forfeited to the state and all such articles shall, by order of said court, be turned over to the commissioner and may be retained for use by the department or assigned by the commissioner to any other state agency, may be sold by the Commissioner of Administrative Services at the request of the commissioner or may be destroyed at the discretion of the commissioner. All money collected as a result of any such sale shall be transmitted to the State Treasurer and by him be deposited to the General Fund. (446)

PART VI* BIRDS (447)(Text)

Sec. 26-92. Wild birds other than game birds protected, exception. Game birds defined. (448)(Text)

No person shall catch, kill or purchase or attempt to catch, kill or purchase, sell, offer or expose for sale or have in possession, living or dead, any wild bird other than a game bird, or purchase or attempt to purchase, sell, offer or expose for sale or have in possession any part of any such bird or of the plumage thereof except as acquired under the provisions of this chapter. For the purposes of this section, the following shall be considered game birds: The anatidae, or waterfowl, including brant, wild ducks and geese; the rallidae, or rails, including coots, gallinules and sora and other rails; the limicolae, or shore birds, including snipe and woodcock; the gallinae, including wild turkeys, grouse, prairie chickens, pheasants, partridge and quail; the corvidae, including crows. No person shall take or destroy any nest or any egg of any wild bird or game bird. No person shall possess any nest or egg of any wild or game bird. English sparrows, starlings and, when found depredating ornamental trees, agriculture crops, livestock or wildlife, or when concentrated in such numbers as to constitute a public health or public safety hazard, crows, rock doves, monk parakeets and brown-headed cowbirds shall not be included among the birds protected by this section. Any conservation officer and any other officer having authority to serve criminal process shall have the same powers relating to violations of the provisions of this section as are conferred by section 26-6. (449)

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