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Connecticut Laws | Title 26 Fisheries And Game
Sec. 26-192e. (Formerly Sec. 19a-98). Classification of coastal waters, shores and tidal flats for the taking of shellfish.

(d) No person shall take or harvest shellfish from areas classified as conditional-closed, restricted, conditionally restricted or prohibited pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) of this section or closed because of a health emergency pursuant to subsection (c) of this section or from areas or parts of areas where shellfish have been transplanted or relayed except in accordance with the terms and conditions of a license issued pursuant to section 26-192c or section 26-192h. The Department of Agriculture may delegate its authority for the classification of coastal waters, shores, and tidal flats for the taking of shellfish pursuant to this section to other state agencies and local agencies. (734)

Sec. 26-192f. (Formerly Sec. 19a-99). Penalties. (735)(Text)

Any person, firm or corporation (1) harvesting or taking shellfish from an area closed and posted by the Department of Agriculture against the removal of shellfish, except as provided in section 26-192h, or an area closed by commercial shellfish transplant license issuance or by order of the local director of health with the approval of the department, (2) misusing any shipping tag or license in violation of section 26-192c, (3) mislabeling shellfish shipments or deliveries with any false information, (4) failing to identify shellfish shipments or deliveries in accordance with the National Shellfish Sanitation Program Model Ordinance, as amended from time to time, (5) harvesting shellfish from undesignated grounds, or (6) harvesting shellfish from designated grounds not listed on a license issued by the Department of Agriculture to such person, firm or corporation shall be fined (A) one thousand dollars, or (B) three times the market value of any shellfish taken, based on the quantity and type involved in the violation if such amount is greater than one thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than twelve months. The Commissioner of Agriculture may revoke any license issued by said commissioner for up to sixty days for the second violation of this section within six months and up to ninety days for a third violation of this section within nine months. Any person who defaces or removes a sign posted by the Department of Agriculture in accordance with the provisions of section 26-192e shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than six months. The provisions of this section are in addition to and in no way derogate any other enforcement provisions or penalties contained in any other section of the general statutes. (736)

Sec. 26-192g. (Formerly Sec. 19a-100). Enforcement. (737)(Text)

The provisions of sections 26-192e and 26-192f relating to the unauthorized taking of shellfish in contaminated and posted areas shall be enforced by local directors of health. Local police departments and the state shellfish police shall assist to effectively prevent the harvesting of shellfish in classified areas which are closed to shellfishing when requested by a local director of health. (738)

Sec. 26-192h. (Formerly Sec. 19a-101). License for the taking of shellfish from closed areas for certain purposes. (739)(Text)

Shellfish may be taken by commercial harvesters from areas classified as conditional-closed, restricted, or conditionally restricted when they are removed for transplanting, relay, including seed oyster harvesting, depuration or depletion from prohibited areas under licenses issued by the Department of Agriculture and under supervision of the department and local health agencies having jurisdiction, provided said licensee shall notify the designated local enforcement agency of the intended commencement, probable duration and termination of harvesting within that jurisdiction and shall be limited to quantities as may be established by a shellfish management plan reviewed by the Department of Agriculture and adopted by the local shellfish commission or other local agency having jurisdiction over the shellfish. The issuance of licenses by the Department of Agriculture shall not prohibit any town, city or borough from control of harvesting operations in approved areas or conditionally or temporarily closed areas on the basis of residence, quantity or size of shellfish harvested from specific areas, or time of harvesting, or nullify any state law controlling such operations on the basis of residence, quantity or size of shellfish harvested, or time of harvesting. (740)

Sec. 26-192i. (Formerly Sec. 19a-95). Shellfish; definition. (741)(Text)

When used in sections 26-192c to 26-192h, inclusive, the term "shellfish" means mussels, oysters, all varieties of clams and whole and roe-on scallops, but does not include scallops if the final product is the shucked adductor muscle only. (742)

Sec. 26-192j. Pollution which affects shellfish grounds. Liability to municipal shellfish commission. (743)(Text)

(a) The Commissioner of Agriculture may investigate any suspected or actual spill, as defined in section 22a-452c, which may threaten any shellfish grounds. The commissioner may monitor any such suspected or actual spill and may provide for any testing to determine the extent of any impact of such a spill on shellfish in the area. The person responsible for such spill shall be liable, in accordance with the provisions of section 22a-6a, for the reasonable costs and expenses of the commissioner incurred pursuant to this section. (744)

(b) Upon written complaint by the Commissioner of Agriculture that there exists an impairment or threat to the marketability of shellfish due to any such spill, the Commissioner of Environmental Protection shall investigate or order the person who caused or reasonably may be expected to cause such spill to investigate all points of existing or potential spills which may directly or indirectly result in contamination of shellfish and may order such person to abate such spill in accordance with the provisions of section 22a-432. (745)

(c) If any such spill results in the closure of a recreational shellfish bed or harvesting area, the person responsible for such spill, as determined by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection, shall be liable to any municipal shellfish commission which has jurisdiction over such bed or area for any loss of revenue attributable to fees which would have been paid to such commission by recreational users of such bed or area. The Attorney General, upon complaint of the commission, may institute a civil action to recover such revenue. Any amount recovered shall be returned to the commission. (746)

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