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Connecticut Laws | Title 42b Registered Obligations Of Public Entities
Sec. 42b-11. Effect of this chapter with respect to registered public obligations issued on or after July 7, 1983.

(c) Unless determined otherwise pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, the provisions of this chapter shall be applicable with respect to obligations which have heretofore been approved by vote, referendum or hearing authorizing or permitting the authorization of obligations in bearer and registered form or in bearer form only or requiring that such obligations bear manual signatures or be in certain denominations and such obligations need not be resubmitted for a further vote, referendum or hearing, for the purpose of authorizing or permitting the authorization of registered public obligations pursuant to this chapter, notwithstanding any provisions of the general statutes, any special act or any charter to the contrary. (55)

Sec. 42b-12. This chapter to be construed in conjunction with the Uniform Commercial Code. (56)(Text)

This chapter and sections 7-260, 7-273dd, 7-369, 7-373, 7-377a, 7-378 and 7-380 shall be construed in conjunction with title 42a and the principles of contract law relative to the registration and transfer of obligations. (57)

Sec. 42b-13. State covenant not to amend this chapter in any manner impairing federal income tax exemption for interest on registered public obligations. (58)(Text)

The state hereby covenants with the owners of any registered public obligations that it will not amend or repeal this chapter if the effect may be to impair the exemption from income taxation of interest on registered public obligations. (59)

Sec. 42b-14. Severability clause. (60)(Text)

If any provision or the application of any provision of this chapter shall be invalid, such shall not affect the validity of other provisions or other applications, it hereby being declared that the provisions or the applications of this chapter are separable and this chapter would have been enacted with the invalid provision omitted or without the invalid application in any event. (61)

Sec. 42b-15. Bonds or other obligations issued by public entity may be consolidated in single issue if all have the same security. (62)(Text)

Notwithstanding any provision of the general statutes, any special act, any charter, any bond ordinance, resolution or other authorization to the contrary, any bonds or other obligations authorized to be issued by a public entity may be consolidated as part of the same issue with any other bonds or other obligations of the public entity and may be sold and as a single issue, provided that: (1) The bonds and obligations of each issue shall be either general obligations of the public entity or secured in the same manner as all other bonds or obligations of such issue; and (2) a separate maturity schedule or sinking fund requirements, if any, shall be established by the public entity for each authorization of bonds or other obligations which is so consolidated. (63)

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