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Connecticut Laws | Title 4b State Real Property
Sec. 4b-91. (Formerly Sec. 4-137a). Bidding for public building contracts. Prequalification requirements.

(h) Any agency that seeks to have a project awarded without being subject to competitive bidding procedures shall certify to the joint committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to government administration and elections that the project is of such an emergency nature that an exception to the competitive bidding procedures of this section is required. Such certification shall include input from all affected agencies, detail the need for the exception and include any relevant documentation. (336)

(i) In the event that the General Assembly approves legislation authorizing an exception to the competitive bidding process for a project, the State Properties Review Board shall complete a review of the contract for such project and approve or disapprove such contract no later than thirty days after the Commissioner of Public Works submits such contract to the board. Such review shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of section 4b-3. In the event that such review does not occur within the thirty-day period prescribed by this subsection, such contract shall be deemed to be approved. (337)

(j) On and after October 5, 2009, no person whose subcontract exceeds five hundred thousand dollars in value may perform work as a subcontractor on a project for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, remodeling, repair or demolition of any public building or any other public work by the state or a municipality, except a public highway or bridge project or any other construction project administered by the Department of Transportation, which project is estimated to cost more than five hundred thousand dollars and is paid for, in whole or in part, with state funds, unless the person is prequalified in accordance with section 4a-100. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to a project described in subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of this section. (338)

Sec. 4b-92. (Formerly Sec. 4-137b). "Lowest responsible and qualified bidder" defined. Bid bonds, certified checks, when forfeited. (339)(Text)

As used in this chapter and except as otherwise provided, the words "lowest responsible and qualified bidder" shall mean the bidder who is prequalified pursuant to section 4a-100, and whose bid is the lowest of those bidders possessing the skill, ability and integrity necessary to faithful performance of the work based on objective criteria considering past performance and information contained in the update bid statement submitted pursuant to section 4b-91. Essential information in regard to such qualifications shall be submitted with the bid in such form as the awarding authority may require by specification in the bid documents and on the bid form. Every general bid shall be accompanied by a bid bond or a certified check in an amount which shall be ten per cent of the bid, provided no such bid bond or certified check shall be required in relation to any general bid in which the total estimated cost of labor and materials under the contract with respect to which such general bid is submitted is less than fifty thousand dollars. Failure to execute a contract awarded as specified and bid shall result in the forfeiture of such bid bond or certified check. In considering past performance the awarding authority shall evaluate the skill, ability and integrity of bidders in terms of the bidders' fulfillment of contract obligations and of the bidders' experience or lack of experience with projects of the nature and scope of the project for which the bids are submitted. (340)

Sec. 4b-93. (Formerly Sec. 4-137c). Contract specifications; subtrades, subcontracts. (341)(Text)

(a) Every contract subject to this chapter shall include plans and specifications detailing all labor and materials to be furnished thereunder. Such specifications shall have a separate section for each of the following classes of work if, in the estimate of the awarding authority, the class of work will exceed twenty-five thousand dollars: (1) Masonry work; (2) electrical work; (3) mechanical work other than heating, ventilating and air conditioning work; and (4) heating, ventilating and air conditioning work. Such specifications shall also have a separate section for each other class of work for which the awarding authority deems it necessary or convenient. (342)

(b) Each separate section in the specifications provided for by this section shall specify by number each sheet of plans showing work to be done by the subcontractor under such section, and shall require the subcontractor to install all materials to be furnished by him under such section other than materials which, in the opinion of the awarding authority, it is not customary under current trade practices for such subcontractor to install and the installation of which is expressly required by another section of the specifications. Each class of work set forth in a separate section of the specifications pursuant to this section shall be a subtrade designated in the general bid form and shall be the matter of a subcontract made in accordance with the procedure set forth in this chapter. (343)

(c) Whenever the awarding authority has designated a separate section for a class of work, under subsection (a) of this section, the general contractor shall, when applicable, state as part of its application for partial payment that it considers the work required to be done under any such separate section to be fully completed in accordance with the terms of the contract. The awarding authority shall thereupon conduct an inspection of the work in such class, and if it finds that such work has been fully completed in accordance with the terms of the contract, it shall issue a statement certifying that such work is accepted as fully completed, and shall pay the general contractor in full for such work. (344)

Sec. 4b-94. (Formerly Sec. 4-137d). Rejection of bids. (345)(Text)

In inviting bids, the awarding authority shall reserve the right to reject any or all such general bids, if (1) the awarding authority determines that the general bidder or bidders involved are not competent to perform the work as specified, based on objective criteria established for making such determinations, including past performance and financial responsibility, (2) the low bid price exceeds the amount of money available for the project, (3) the awarding authority determines that the project shall not go forward or (4) the awarding authority finds cause to reject such bids. If the awarding authority rejects any or all bids pursuant to this section, it shall notify each affected bidder, in writing, of the reasons for such rejection. (346)

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