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Connecticut Laws | Title 4b State Real Property
Sec. 4b-95. (Formerly Sec. 4-137e). General bid form requirements. Selection by awarding authority. Subcontractors.

Sec. 4b-95. (Formerly Sec. 4-137e). General bid form requirements. Selection by awarding authority. Subcontractors. (347)(Text)

(a) The awarding authority shall furnish to every person applying therefor a form for general bid. (348)

(b) Every general bid submitted for a contract subject to this chapter shall be submitted on a form furnished by the awarding authority. The form provided by the awarding authority shall provide a place for listing the names and prices of subcontractors for the four classes of work specified in subsection (a) of section 4b-93, and for each other class of work included by the awarding authority pursuant to said subsection and state that: (1) The undersigned agrees that if selected as general contractor, he shall, within five days, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays excluded, after presentation thereof by the awarding authority, execute a contract in accordance with the terms of the general bid; (2) the undersigned agrees and warrants that he has made good faith efforts to employ minority business enterprises as subcontractors and suppliers of materials under such contract and shall provide the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities with such information as is requested by the commission concerning his employment practices and procedures as they relate to the provisions of the general statutes governing contract requirements; and (3) the undersigned agrees that each of the subcontractors listed on the bid form will be used for the work indicated at the amount stated, unless a substitution is permitted by the awarding authority. The awarding authority may require in the bid form that the general contractor agree to perform a stated, minimum percentage of work with his own forces. (349)

(c) General bids shall be for the complete work as specified and shall include the names of any subcontractors for the four classes of work specified in subsection (a) of section 4b-93, and for each other class of work for which the awarding authority has required a separate section pursuant to said subsection and the dollar amounts of their subcontracts, and the general contractor shall be selected on the basis of such general bids. It shall be presumed that the general bidder intends to perform with its own employees all work in such four classes and such other classes, for which no subcontractor is named. The general bidder's qualifications for performing such work shall be subject to review under section 4b-92. Every general bid which is conditional or obscure, or which contains any addition not called for, shall be invalid; and the awarding authority shall reject every such general bid. The awarding authority shall be authorized to waive minor irregularities which he considers in the best interest of the state, provided the reasons for any such waiver are stated in writing by the awarding authority and made a part of the contract file. No such general bid shall be rejected because of the failure to submit prices for, or information relating to, any item or items for which no specific space is provided in the general bid form furnished by the awarding authority, but this sentence shall not be applicable to any failure to furnish prices or information required by this section to be furnished in the form provided by the awarding authority. General bids shall be publicly opened and read by the awarding authority forthwith. The awarding authority shall not permit substitution of a subcontractor for one named in accordance with the provisions of this section or substitution of a subcontractor for any designated subtrade work bid to be performed by the general contractor's own forces, except for good cause. The term "good cause" includes but is not limited to a subcontractor's or, where appropriate, a general contractor's: (1) Death or physical disability, if the listed subcontractor is an individual; (2) dissolution, if a corporation or partnership; (3) bankruptcy; (4) inability to furnish any performance and payment bond shown on the bid form; (5) inability to obtain, or loss of, a license necessary for the performance of the particular category of work; (6) failure or inability to comply with a requirement of law applicable to contractors, subcontractors, or construction, alteration, or repair projects; (7) failure to perform his agreement to execute a subcontract under section 4b-96. (350)

(d) The general bid price shall be the price set forth in the space provided on the general bid form. No general bid shall be rejected (1) because of error in setting forth the name of a subcontractor as long as the subcontractor or subcontractors designated are clearly identifiable, or (2) because the plans and specifications do not accompany the bid or are not submitted with the bid. Failure to correctly state a subcontractor's price shall be cause for rejection of the general bidder's bid. (351)

(e) Any general contractor who violates any provision of this section shall be disqualified from bidding on other contracts that are subject to the provisions of this chapter for a period not to exceed twenty-four months, commencing from the date on which the violation is discovered, for each violation. The awarding authority shall periodically review the general contractor's subcontracts to insure compliance with such provisions, and shall after each such review prepare a written report setting forth its findings and conclusions. (352)

Sec. 4b-95a. Listing of general bidder as a subcontractor on bid form. (353)(Text)

If a general bidder customarily performs any of the four classes of work specified in subsection (a) of section 4b-93 or any other class of work included by the awarding authority pursuant to said subsection, the general bidder may list himself as a subcontractor together with his price in the space provided in the bid form. A listed sub-bid so submitted by the general bidder shall be considered on a par with other listed sub-bids, and no such sub-bid by a general bidder shall be considered unless the general bidder can show to the satisfaction of the awarding authority, based on objective criteria established for such purpose, that he customarily performs such subtrade work and is qualified to do the character of work required by the applicable section of the specifications. (354)

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