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Connecticut Laws | Title 4b State Real Property
Sec. 4b-101a. Awarding authorities to prepare report on status of certain projects and property management contracts. When.

(b) The University of Connecticut shall not be required to submit a report pursuant to this section for any project, as defined in subdivision (16) of section 10a-109c, that is undertaken and controlled by the university. (396)

Sec. 4b-102. Bidding for certain construction contracts for the Connecticut State University System. (397)(Text)

(a) With respect to any construction contract that is to be publicly let other than those projects administered under section 4b-52, the Department of Public Works, on behalf of the Connecticut State University System, may identify a list of potentially responsible qualified bidders for the particular contract. The Commissioner of Public Works shall give notice to those on the list of the work required and of the invitation to prequalify. The invitation to prequalify shall contain such information as the commissioner deems appropriate and a notice of the due date and address to send responses. Upon receipt of such responses, the Department of Public Works shall select each bidder that demonstrated the ability to post surety bonds required by such contract and the financial, managerial and technical ability and integrity necessary, without conflict of interest, for faithful and efficient performance of the work provided for in the contract. The commissioner shall evaluate whether a bidder is responsible and qualified. "Responsible and qualified bidder" shall mean the bidder who possesses the skill, ability and integrity necessary to faithful performance of the work based on objective criteria considering past performance and financial responsibility. In considering past performance the commissioner shall evaluate the skill, ability and integrity of bidders in terms of the bidders' fulfillment of contract obligations and the bidders' experience or lack of experience with projects of the size of the project for which bids are submitted. (398)

(b) The Commissioner of Public Works shall give notice to bidders prequalified pursuant to subsection (a) of this section of the time and place where the public letting shall occur and shall include in the notice such information concerning the required work as appropriate. Each bid shall be kept sealed until opened publicly at the time and place as set forth in the notice soliciting such bid. The commissioner shall not award any construction contract after public letting, except to the responsible qualified bidder, submitting the lowest bid in compliance with the bid requirements. The commissioner may waive any minor irregularity in a bid, and may either reject all bids and again advertise for bids, or, if he deems it advisable, negotiate with other contractors who submitted bids in ascending order of bid prices without change in the contract, specifications, plans and other requirements. (399)

(c) The invitation to bid on the construction contract awarded by the Commissioner of Public Works pursuant to this section shall contain such other terms and conditions and such provisions for penalties, as the commissioner deems appropriate. (400)

(d) The Commissioner of Public Works shall require, for the protection of the state and the Connecticut State University System, such deposits, bonds and security in connection with the submission of bids, the awarding of construction contracts and the performance of work as the commissioner determines appropriate and in the public interest of the state. (401)

Sec. 4b-103. Construction manager at-risk project delivery contracts. (402)(Text)

(a) In order to carry out any provision of this title for the construction, renovation or alteration of buildings or facilities, the Commissioner of Public Works may enter into a construction manager at-risk project delivery contract. (403)

(b) The Commissioner of Public Works shall not enter into a construction manager at-risk project delivery contract that does not provide for a maximum guaranteed price for the cost of construction that shall be determined not later than the time of the receipt and approval by the commissioner of the trade contractor bids. Each construction manager at-risk shall invite bids and give notice of opportunities to bid on project elements, by advertising, at least once, in one or more newspapers having general circulation in the state. Each bid shall be kept sealed until opened publicly at the time and place as set forth in the notice soliciting such bid. The construction manager at-risk shall, after consultation with and approval by the commissioner, award any related contracts for project elements to the responsible qualified contractor submitting the lowest bid in compliance with the bid requirements, provided (1) the construction manager at-risk shall not be eligible to submit a bid for any such project element, and (2) construction shall not begin prior to the determination of the maximum guaranteed price, except for the project elements of site preparation and demolition that have been previously put out to bid and awarded. (404)

Secs. 4b-104 to 4b-129. (405)(Text)

Reserved for future use. (406)


Sec. 4b-130. Definitions. (408)(Text)

As used in this chapter: (409)

(1) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Public Works; (410)

(2) "Security" means reasonable measures required to: (A) Protect state employees from bodily harm in the workplace and state employee parking areas, and (B) protect the state's physical assets; (411)

(3) "Security audit" means: (A) Worksite analysis; (B) building risk classification; (C) identification of security exposures; (D) hazard prevention and control; and (E) recommendations for risk management procedures; (412)

(4) "Security measure" means the level of qualifications and the deployment of security personnel, a security strategy or a security device; and (413)

(5) "State agency" means any department, board, commission, institution, or other agency of the state, except (A) the mass transit, marine and aviation functions of the Department of Transportation, (B) The University of Connecticut and other constituent units of the state system of higher education, (C) the Judicial Department, (D) the Department of Public Safety, (E) the Military Department, (F) the Department of Correction, (G) the functions of the Department of Children and Families concerning client-occupied facilities, (H) the offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Secretary of the State and Treasurer, (I) the General Assembly, and (J) the Board of Pardons and Paroles. (414)

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