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Connecticut Laws | Title 54 Criminal Procedure
Sec. 54-143. Costs imposed in prosecutions.

(c) Under no condition shall a political subdivision be held liable for the payment of any cost imposed under this section. The words "felony" and "misdemeanor" as used in this section do not include infractions or violations of any state or local housing code or violation of the regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection. (1545)

Sec. 54-143a. Cost imposed for infractions and certain motor vehicle violations. (1546)(Text)

A cost of twenty dollars shall be imposed against any person convicted of a violation, as defined in section 53a-27, under any provision of section 12-487 or sections 13b-410a to 13b-410c, inclusive; any regulation adopted in accordance with the provisions of section 12-484, 12-487 or 13b-410; or a violation of section 14-147, 14-219, 14-266, 14-267a, 14-269 or 14-270, chapter 268 or subsection (a) of section 22a-250, or any section of the general statutes the violation of which is deemed an infraction, or who forfeits a cash bond or guaranteed bail bond certificate posted under section 14-140a or under reciprocal agreements made with other states for the alleged violation of any of said sections, or who pleads nolo contendere to a violation of any of said sections and pays the fine by mail; except that such cost shall be thirty-five dollars for a violation of any section of the general statutes the violation of which is deemed an infraction and carries a fine of thirty-five dollars or more. The costs imposed by this section shall be deposited in the General Fund and shall be in addition to any costs imposed by section 54-143. (1547)

Sec. 54-143b. Forfeited bonds for motor vehicle violations. (1548)(Text)

The total amount of any forfeited bond for a motor vehicle violation, when such bond is composed in part of an additional fee established under subsection (c) of section 51-56a, any cost established under subsection (b) of section 54-143 or any cost established under section 54-143a, shall be deposited in the General Fund as one undifferentiated lump sum amount or deposited in the Special Transportation Fund as one undifferentiated lump sum amount as may be required by statute. (1549)

Sec. 54-143c. Additional fine for sexual assault offenses. (1550)(Text)

In addition to any fine, fee or cost that may be imposed pursuant to any provision of the general statutes, the court shall impose a fine of one hundred fifty-one dollars on any person who, on or after July 1, 2004, is convicted of or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to a violation of subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of section 53-21 or section 53a-70, 53a-70a, 53a-70b, 53a-71, 53a-72a, 53a-72b or 53a-73a. Fines collected under this section shall be deposited in the sexual assault victims account established under section 19a-112d. (1551)

Sec. 54-144. Payment of expenses. (1552)(Text)

Any expenses necessarily incurred in any criminal proceeding or prosecution, except such expenses as are incurred by the Division of Criminal Justice, when approved by the court in which the proceeding or prosecution is had, shall be paid in the same manner as are other expenses of maintenance of the court. (1553)

Secs. 54-145 and 54-146. Refunds to clerk of municipal court or to town treasurer. Report to clerk or town treasurer. (1554)(Text)

Sections 54-145 and 54-146 are repealed. (1555)

Sec. 54-147. Rules for payment of expenses. Waiver of fee or cost. (1556)(Text)

(a) The judges of the Superior Court may establish rules, in addition to those established by statute, for the payment of the expenses of all criminal proceedings or prosecutions, except such expenses as are incurred by the Division of Criminal Justice. (1557)

(b) No fee or cost imposed pursuant to any provision of the general statutes on a person who is a defendant or has been convicted in a criminal proceeding or prosecution shall be waived by the court, except as authorized by such provision or for good cause shown. (1558)

Sec. 54-148. Support of prisoners after sentence. (1559)(Text)

The support of prisoners in community correctional centers, sentenced to a correctional institution, or sentenced to death, shall be paid by the state. (1560)

Sec. 54-149. Payment for board of prisoners. (1561)(Text)

Section 54-149 is repealed. (1562)

Sec. 54-150. Compensation of physicians. (1563)(Text)

Physicians shall receive a reasonable compensation for services rendered in criminal cases. (1564)

Sec. 54-151. Cost of transcript and printing on appeal. (1565)(Text)

In any appeal in a criminal action, where it appears to the trial court that the accused is without funds with which to defray the costs of securing a transcript of the evidence, or printing the briefs and the appendices to the briefs, such costs shall be defrayed by the state. (1566)

Sec. 54-152. Allowance to witnesses from another state in criminal prosecutions. (1567)(Text)

When, in any criminal prosecution, it is necessary to obtain the testimony of any witnesses residing without this state, the Chief State's Attorney may allow them a reasonable sum for their time and expenses in going to, attending upon and returning from the court and may allow a reasonable sum for the expense of procuring their attendance or procuring any document from without this state necessary to be used as evidence on the trial of such prosecution, to be from the appropriation for the Division of Criminal Justice. (1568)

Sec. 54-153. Where witnesses for accused paid by state. (1569)(Text)

The court before which any criminal prosecution is pending may order such number of witnesses as the court approves to be summoned on behalf of the accused at the expense of the state. (1570)

Sec. 54-154. Taxing expenses in search and seizure cases. (1571)(Text)

In any case in which the statutes provide for a search warrant and seizure, the court, judge or judge trial referee issuing such warrant may tax for the officer's services thereon the same fees for service, travel, copies and endorsements as are taxed in civil cases, and such sum for securing, care and destruction of property as such court, judge or judge trial referee, under the circumstances, deems reasonable, such fees and sum to be paid from the appropriation for the Division of Criminal Justice. (1572)

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