Delaware Laws - Title 20 Military and Civil Defense
Sec. 3205. Participating political subdivisions responsibilities.

Sec. 3205. Participating political subdivisions responsibilities. (1357)(1-click HTML)

It shall be the responsibility of each participating political subdivision with jurisdiction over and responsibility for emergency management within that certain subdivision to do the following: (1358)

(1) Identify potential hazards that could affect the participant using an identification system common to all participating jurisdictions. (1359)

(2) Conduct joint planning, intelligence sharing and threat assessment development with contiguous participating political subdivisions, and conduct joint training at least biennially. (1360)

(3) Identify and inventory the current services, equipment, supplies, personnel and other resources related to planning, prevention, mitigation, response and recovery activities of the participating political subdivision. (1361)

(4) Adopt and put into practice the standardized incident management system approved by the Director of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency. (1362)

(75 Del. Laws, c. 182, Sec. 1.) (1363)


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