(superl.) Having incurred guilt; criminal; morally delinquent; wicked; chargeable with, or responsible for, something censurable; justly exposed to penalty; -- used with of, and usually followed by the crime, sometimes by the punishment.

(superl.) Evincing or indicating guilt; involving guilt; as, a guilty look; a guilty act; a guilty feeling.

(superl.) Conscious; cognizant.

(superl.) Condemned to payment.

Related Terms:

ayme, censurable, chargeable, cognizant, condemn, condemned, conscious, crime, criminal, delinquent, evincing, expose, exposed, guilt, incur, incurred, indicating, involving, justly, morally, orally, payment, penal, penalty, pons, punish, punishment, responsible, scious, sponsible, sura, wick, wicke, wicked


bloodguilty, inguilty, not guilty, plead guilty

Legal Application:

The state or condition of a person who has committed a crime, misdemeanor or offence.

2. This word implies a malicious intent, and must be applied to something universally allowed to be a crime. Cowp. 275.

3. In pleading, it is a plea by which a defendant who is charged with a crime, misdemeanor or tort, admits or confesses it. In criminal proceedings, when the accused is arraigned, the clerk asks him,: How say you, A B, are you guilty or not guilty?" His answer, which is given ore tenus, is called his plea; and when he admits the charge in the indictment he answers or pleads guilty.

Related Actions:

accused, answer, clerk, guilt, indictment, malicious, not guilty, ore tenus, tort

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