imp. of Sleep. Slept.

(v. i.) To take rest by a suspension of the voluntary exercise of the powers of the body and mind, and an apathy of the organs of sense; to slumber.

(v. i.) To be careless, inattentive, or uncouncerned; not to be vigilant; to live thoughtlessly.

(v. i.) To be dead; to lie in the grave.

(v. i.) To be, or appear to be, in repose; to be quiet; to be unemployed, unused, or unagitated; to rest; to lie dormant; as, a question sleeps for the present; the law sleeps.

(v. t.) To be slumbering in; -- followed by a cognate object; as, to sleep a dreamless sleep.

(v. t.) To give sleep to; to furnish with accomodations for sleeping; to lodge.

(v. i.) A natural and healthy, but temporary and periodical, suspension of the functions of the organs of sense, as well as of those of the voluntary and rational soul; that state of the animal in which there is a lessened acuteness of sensory perception, a confusion of ideas, and a loss of mental control, followed by a more or less unconscious state.

Related Terms:

acute, acuteness, agitate, agitated, apathy, attentive, careless, cognate, confus, confusion, conscious, control, cuteness, dead, deas, death, dormant, dream, dreamless, essene, function, fusion, health, healthy, ideas, inattentive, iodic, leep, lep, lessen, lessened, lodge, lumber, lumbering, lunt, odic, pension, percept, perception, periodic, periodical, question, quiet, rational, repose, scious, sensor, sensory, slep, slept, slum, slumber, slumbering, sory, soul, suspension, temporary, thoughtless, unconscious, unemployed, unused, vigil, vigilant, voluntary


asleep, dogsleep, outsleep, oversleep

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