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Juan Luis Guerra
Harris County Lawyer


Our attorneys have nearly 30 years of experience in personal injury. We don't simply look for easy out-of-court settlements - we try cases, and we win.

24031407 C
Harris County

Fran Brochstein
Harris County Family Law Mediation


Why stay tied up in litigation when mediation has proven to settle cases quicker and cheaper than litigation? Mediation has proven to settle cases quicker and cheaper than litigation.

03039900 C
Harris County

Cindy Hide
Harris County Divorce/Family Law


Cindy Hide has been practicing divorce/family law since 1984. She handles all matters pertaining to Adoption, Paternity Actions, Collaborative Law, Premarital & Postmarital Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Property Division, Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Protective Orders, Divorce, N

09587150 C
Harris County

Mark Anthony Diaz
Harris County Criminal Defense Attorney


Mark Diaz has been defending the rights of Texans charged with criminal offenses for over fifteen years. Mark handles all types of criminal matters including Assault and Battery, White Collar Crime, Fraud, Sexual Assault, Homicide, DWI, Drug Possession, Manufacturing and/or Trafficking, Burglary, Robbery, Theft and Domestic Violence.

24004190 C
Harris County

John Q. Lawyer

Attorney at Law

This ad space is available. If you are an attorney in Harris county, click here for more information.


Paul Danziger
Harris County Personal Injury Attorney


Our law firm is deeply committed to representation of individuals and businesses that have been seriously injured by wrongful conduct. Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to ensuring that people and companies that commit wrongful conduct are held accountable.

00788880 D
Harris County