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Dina Kay Steele
Denton County Family Lawyer


Dealing with family law matters can be difficult. Christian attorney Dina Steele believes that maintaining moral values and integrity is essential when facing adversity. It is vital to have experienced support to help you overcome the many different challenges, both legal and personal.

24002514 D
Denton County

Albert Filidoro Jr.
Denton County Family Law Attorney


Albert Filidoro is business and family lawyer that can handle business and family law matters including divorce, child support, wills and estates, contracts and more.

24029546 D
Denton County

James Scott Reib Jr.
Denton County Business Litigation Attorney


Business decisions may lead to disputes and lawsuits with vendors, customers, distributors and partners. Civil litigation, such as breach of contract lawsuits, antitrust disputes, and commercial disputes are an unfortunate part of operating a successful business.

00797296 D
Denton County