Using an Arbitrator in a Texas Divorce

Divorce can often be a contentious issue. Alternative dispute resolution allows parties to resolve disagreements without the need for formal court appearances and expensive litigation.

There are several alternative approaches to settling disputes within a Texas divorce, including mediation, collaborative and divorce arbitration.

Unlike collaborative divorce or mediation, divorce arbitration engages the use of an arbitrator which is (often a retired judge or attorney) who acts like a judge, listening to evidence and supporting testimony from both sides after which a ruling is made by the arbitrator. This ruling can be binding or nonbinding depending upon what is agreed to prior to the beginning of the arbitration process.

Divorce arbitration can be faster and more efficient than traditional divorce methods and also affords more privacy than public courtroom litigation. However, arbitration does not particularly favor a cooperative approach by the parties involved.

Arbitrator (Divorce) in Texas Law

Family Code


pertaining to settlement of disputes in a suit for divorce or annulment, written agreement concerning division of property and liabilities

Family Code


pertaining to dispute resolution in a divorce

Government Code


pertaining to qualified domestic relations orders, optional retirement program

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