Property Division in Texas Divorce

In Texas property that is acquired during a marriage is usually presumed to be community property. Some property may remain separate if acquired by family inheritance.

The division of marital property for a fair divorce settlement may be as simple as determining the value of a home and other financial assets.

Cases involving real estate holdings, ranches, closely held businesses, or pension plans can be more complicated.

The division of marital property can often be contentious between divorcing spouses. Dividing complex high-value estates can affect a family's financial position for generations to come.

Sometimes it is best to seek property resolutions through mediation and other means of alternative dispute resolution

Property Division (Divorce) in Texas Law

Family Code


pertaining to enforcement, transfer and death of pending degree, division of property under special circumstances, agreement to divorce or an annulment, authority to enforce decree, filing deadlines, enforcement of division of property, reduction to money judgment, rights of future property, jurisdiction, and attorneys fees.

Family Code


pertaining to community property

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