Accidental Death and Injury in Texas Law

Many state and federal laws are designed to protect workers. Injuries on the job can have serious consequences, causing employees to miss work and incur high medical costs.

Defective products or negligence can be the cause of many workplace injuries. Even if you are covered by workers compensation, you may still be entitled to legal damages.

Around 6,000 children are killed by accidents every year. It is not possible to compensate parents for the death of their child, but it is sometimes possible to recover from the court for emotional and financial losses.

Texas allows for two types of legal action when someone is wrongfully murdered. The first type of action is called a wrongful-death action and the second, a survival action.

When a person dies because of negligence or liability, it is a wrongful death. The Texas wrongful-death statute, originally codified in 1861, provides the exclusive remedy in Texas for wrongful deaths. It compensates the spouse, parents or children of the deceased for any losses they may have suffered as a result.

Survival actions are separate from wrongful death actions. They arise when an individual is responsible for damages if they caused an injury to another person's death through their wrongful acts, negligence, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default. The individual would have had the right to sue for that injury if they were still alive.


The law is in a constant state of change. Some of this information may be inaccurate
or incomplete and should not be relied upon without the advice of legal counsel.

Attorney Ad Litem (Family) in Texas Law

Civil Practice and Remedies


pertaining to proceeding to appoint a receiver

Family Code


pertaining to court order for underage applicant, requisites of petition, verification, representation of petitioner, judicial approval, appeal, costs paid by state, reports of sexual abuse of a minor, hearing to modify disposition, right to appeal, pre-recorded videotape testimony of a child, preferential setting, dual role, guardian ad litem, powers and duties, amicus attorney, discipline of attorney ad litem, access to child information relating to child, attorney work product and testimony, substituted judgment of attorney for child, immunity, discretionary appointment of attorney ad litem for incapacitated person, mandatory appointment of guardian ad litem, mandatory appointment of attorney ad litem, appointment of attorney and dual role, mandatory appointment of attorney ad litem for parent

Family Code


pertaining to attorney fees, continued representation, ad litem appointments for child committed to texas youth commission, discretionary appointments, fees and suits other than suits by governmental entity, general provisions applicable to conduct of social study and preparation of report, interview of child in chambers, rights and duties of parent appointed sole managing conservator, appointment of parenting coordinator, child as archie, termination of the rights of alleged biological father, involuntary termination, inability to care for child, preferential setting, powers and duties, attorneys representing state, information relating to child totality, filing petition after taking possession of child and emergency, confidentiality, notification, permanency progress report, initial permanency hearing, placement review after final order, continued or renewed appointment of attorney ad litem, continued or renewed appointment of guardian ad litem or volunteer advocates, duties of attorney or guardian ad litem, contracts for substitute care and case management services, placement of children, notice to attorney ad litem, consent for medical care, judicial review of medical care, consent to medical care by foster child

Government Code


pertaining to duties of local administrative judge, appointment of attorney's ad litem, maintenance of lists, district court fees and costs, statutory county court fees and costs, statutory probate court fees and costs, county court fees and costs, and sent, consent to release information under special right of access, statement or testimony by certain child abuse victims

Health & Safety Code


pertaining to definition of legally authorized representative, independent psychiatric evaluation and expert testimony, court hearing, consent for the release of confidential information

Human Resource Code


pertaining to confidentiality and disclosure of information, agency and exchange of information, emergency order for protective services, report concerning foster children committed to commission, rules regarding services for foster children, exemption from guardianship bonds, certain costs fees and expenses

Local Government Code


pertaining to supplemental court initiated guardianship fee

Natural Resources Code


pertaining to definition of necessary party, deposit, attorney ad litem, notice the necessary parties

Occupation Code


pertaining to definition of legally authorized representative, consent for release of confidential information, consent to disclosure of privileged information

Probate Code


pertaining to attorneys ad litem, means of evidencing disclaimer or renunciation of property or interest receivable from a decedent, notification, evidence, unknown parties an incapacitated person's, notice to heirs on application to probate will after four years, decree of the court, costs and security, notice and citation, service on attorney, guardians ad litem, appointment of attorney ad litem an interpreter, duties of attorney ad litem, compensation of certain guardians, guardianship costs, use of records in hearing to appoint guardians, examinations and reports, complete restoration of ward's capacity or modification of guardianship, appointment of attorney ad litem, settling guardianships of the estate, appointment of attorney to represent ward, guardian purchasing property of the estate, creation of management trust, bond requirement for trustees

Probate Code


pertaining to appointment of attorney ad litem for incapacitated spouse

Property Code


pertaining to petition for escheat, guardian or attorney ad litem, waiver of notice, judicial control discretionary power, trusts for property

Tax Code


pertaining to recovery of costs and expenses, liability of taxing units for costs, alternative notice of tax foreclosure on certain parcels of real property


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