Medicaid Eligibility

Eligibility guidelines for Medicaid benefits are set by the Health and Human Services Commission.

Eligibility is determined by several factors including your income, the value of assets you hold and other financial information.

Even if you do not yet qualify what you do today can affect when you are able to qualify in the future.

Legislation passed in 1993 made many changes in the eligibility guidelines developed by the Health Care Finance Administration.

Special trusts can now be used to allow individuals with incomes over the normal limits to qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Eligibility (Medicaid) in Texas Law

Government Code


pertaining to managed-care, education programs, planning and delivery of health and human services, child health plan, eligibility determinations, long-term care insurance awareness and education campaign, electronic data matching program, fraud detection technology, compliance with law prohibiting solicitation, search for parent or guardian of a child, considerations in awarding contracts demonstration project to extend medicaid coverage, low income patients

Health & Safety Code


pertaining to eligibility screening and enrollment, waiting period, crowd out, unreimbursed costs, government-sponsored indigent health care

Human Resource Code


pertaining to eligibility requirements, certification of eligibility, need for medical assistance, federal funding for certain children, services for children with visual impairments, medicaid benefits, informal caregiver services

Insurance Code


pertaining to enrollment required, coverage for certain dependent children of employees

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