Texas Laws - Natural Resources Code

"ARTICLE III (7508)(1-click HTML)

"Each state bound hereby agrees that within a reasonable time it will enact laws, or if laws have been enacted, then it agrees to continue the same in force, to accomplish within reasonable limits the prevention of: (7509)

"(a) The operation of any oil well with an inefficient gas-oil ratio; (7510)

"(b) The drowning with water of any stratum capable of producing oil or gas, or both oil and gas, in paying quantities; (7511)

"(c) The avoidable escape into the open air or the wasteful burning of gas from a natural gas well; (7512)

"(d) The creation of unnecessary fire hazards; (7513)

"(e) The drilling, equipping, locating, spacing, or operating of a well or wells so as to bring about physical waste of oil or gas or loss in the ultimate recovery thereof; (7514)

"(f) The inefficient, excessive, or improper use of the reservoir energy in producing any well. (7515)

"The enumeration of the foregoing subjects shall not limit the scope of the authority of any state. (7516)

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