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Texas Laws | Probate Code




Sec. 364. PROPERTY HIRED OR RENTED TO BE RETURNED IN GOOD CONDITION. All property hired or rented, with or without an order of court, shall be returned to the possession of the estate in as good condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted, as when hired or rented, and it shall be the duty and responsibility of the representative of the estate to see that this is done, to report to the court any loss, damage or destruction of property hired or rented, and to ask for authority to take such action as is necessary; failing so to do, he and the sureties on his bond shall be liable to the estate for any loss or damage suffered through such fault.


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Sec. 366. ACTION OF COURT ON REPORT. At any time after five days from the time such report of hiring or renting is filed, it shall be examined by the court and approved and confirmed by order of the court if found just and reasonable; but, if disapproved, the estate shall not be bound and the court may order another offering of the property for hire or rent, in the same manner and subject to the same rules heretofore provided.


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