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Jamie L. Graham
Bexar County Divorce/Family/Child Custody Attorney


"I know myself there is no way to fix the damage after a divorce, especially one involving your children. I saw my parents go through a very nasty divorce when I was young. It effected me for the rest of my life, and is why I became a family law attorney to help others, especially children, avoid going through that experience, if possible." My practice focuses on divorce, family law, child custody, military divorce, medical profession divorce, modifications to your case, and more.

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James L. Nowlin P.C.
Bexar County Family Law Attorney


We offer high quality, reputable legal representation in a range of family law matters, from divorce and complex property valuation to adoption and paternity.

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John Q. Lawyer

Attorney at Law

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Marc E. Gravely
Bexar County Litigation Attorneys


Gravely & Pearson represents clients throughout the state of Texas and nationally. Whether our client is an individual, a private business or a public entity our goal is achieving the best results as quickly as possible.

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Karen L. Landinger
Bexar County Litigation Law Attorney


Karen Landinger has more than ten years experience handling complex civil appellate matters in State and Federal courts. Her experience includes the representation of foreign and domestic individuals, corporations and governmental entities in compliance, contract, product liability, medical/pharmaceutical malpractice, general negligence, international law, municipal law, toxic tort, environmental law and criminal misconduct matters.

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Paul D. Barkhurst
Bexar County Real Estate Attorney


The law firm of Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C. provides legal services in the areas of condemnation, construction disputes, real estate disputes, probate and trust disputes, business disputes, general litigation, and appeals.

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