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John Q. Lawyer

Attorney at Law

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Mark A. Dicarlo
Nueces County Experienced Criminal Attorney


Our firm handles criminal cases including matters of Possession/Delivery, Probation/Parole, Expunction/Non Disclosure, Release/Bonds, Domestic Assault, Murder, Conspiracy, DWI-PI and more. Initial consultation is free.

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Randal W. Hill
Nueces County Civil Litigation


Randal Hill handles commercial / civil litigation matetrs within both the state and federal courts in South Texas. Our practice includes oil and gas, real estate, probate and pipeline right-of-way/eminent domain negotiations.

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Douglas Franklin Ocker
Nueces County Probate Attorney


The law firm of Douglas Ocker, PLLC can help ensure that your lifetime of hard work and careful planning will benefit you during your lifetime as well as your family and loved ones after your passing.

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James T. Clancy
Nueces County Commercial and Business Litigation


As president of Branscomb PC, Jim Clancy focuses on complex commercial litigation. He also handles selected matters involving defense in personal injury lawsuits. His experience includes million dollar verdicts for his clients and numerous significant settlements and dismissals.

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Martin C. Davis
Nueces County Probate Attorney


Davis, Hutchinson & Wilkerson, L.L.P. was created to provide services of the highest degree and quality and is committed to integrity, hard work and excellence. We attend to most probate matters including wills and trusts, estate planning, guardianship, real estate, tax law and retirement planning.

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