US Laws - Affordable Health Care Act (HR3950F)
Subtitle B--Immediate Actions to Preserve and Expand Coverage


(a) Internet Portal to Affordable Coverage Options- (244)

(1) IMMEDIATE ESTABLISHMENT- Not later than July 1, 2010, the Secretary, in consultation with the States, shall establish a mechanism, including an Internet website, through which a resident of any State may identify affordable health insurance coverage options in that State. (245)

(2) CONNECTING TO AFFORDABLE COVERAGE- An Internet website established under paragraph (1) shall, to the extent practicable, provide ways for residents of any State to receive information on at least the following coverage options: (246)

(A) Health insurance coverage offered by health insurance issuers, other than coverage that provides reimbursement only for the treatment or mitigation of-- (247)

(i) a single disease or condition; or (248)

(ii) an unreasonably limited set of diseases or conditions (as determined by the Secretary); (249)

(B) Medicaid coverage under title XIX of the Social Security Act. (250)

(C) Coverage under title XXI of the Social Security Act. (251)

(D) A State health benefits high risk pool, to the extent that such high risk pool is offered in such State; and (252)

(E) Coverage under a high risk pool under section 1101. (253)

(b) Enhancing Comparative Purchasing Options- (254)

(1) IN GENERAL- Not later than 60 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall develop a standardized format to be used for the presentation of information relating to the coverage options described in subsection (a)(2). Such format shall, at a minimum, require the inclusion of information on the percentage of total premium revenue expended on nonclinical costs (as reported under section 2718(a) of the Public Health Service Act), eligibility, availability, premium rates, and cost sharing with respect to such coverage options and be consistent with the standards adopted for the uniform explanation of coverage as provided for in section 2715 of the Public Health Service Act. (255)

(2) USE OF FORMAT- The Secretary shall utilize the format developed under paragraph (1) in compiling information concerning coverage options on the Internet website established under subsection (a). (256)

(c) Authority To Contract- The Secretary may carry out this section through contracts entered into with qualified entities. (257)


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