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US Laws | Affordable Health Care Act (HR3950F)
Subtitle D--Enhancing Health Care Workforce Education and Training

"(f) Authorization of Appropriations- There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section $39,500,000 for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2013, of which-- (8088)

"(1) $5,000,000 shall be made available in each such fiscal year for epidemiology fellowship training program activities under subsections (b) and (c); (8089)

"(2) $5,000,000 shall be made available in each such fiscal year for laboratory fellowship training programs under subsection (b); (8090)

"(3) $5,000,000 shall be made available in each such fiscal year for the Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program under subsection (e); and (8091)

"(4) $24,500,000 shall be made available for expanding the Epidemic Intelligence Service under subsection (a).". (8092)


Title II of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 202 et seq.) is amended by adding at the end the following: (8094)



"(a) United States Public Health Services Track- (8097)

"(1) IN GENERAL- There is hereby authorized to be established a United States Public Health Sciences Track (referred to in this part as the "Track"), at sites to be selected by the Secretary, with authority to grant appropriate advanced degrees in a manner that uniquely emphasizes team-based service, public health, epidemiology, and emergency preparedness and response. It shall be so organized as to graduate not less than-- (8098)

"(A) 150 medical students annually, 10 of whom shall be awarded studentships to the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences; (8099)

"(B) 100 dental students annually; (8100)

"(C) 250 nursing students annually; (8101)

"(D) 100 public health students annually; (8102)

"(E) 100 behavioral and mental health professional students annually; (8103)

"(F) 100 physician assistant or nurse practitioner students annually; and (8104)

"(G) 50 pharmacy students annually. (8105)

"(2) LOCATIONS- The Track shall be located at existing and accredited, affiliated health professions education training programs at academic health centers located in regions of the United States determined appropriate by the Surgeon General, in consultation with the National Health Care Workforce Commission established in section 5101 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (8106)

"(b) Number of Graduates- Except as provided in subsection (a), the number of persons to be graduated from the Track shall be prescribed by the Secretary. In so prescribing the number of persons to be graduated from the Track, the Secretary shall institute actions necessary to ensure the maximum number of first-year enrollments in the Track consistent with the academic capacity of the affiliated sites and the needs of the United States for medical, dental, and nursing personnel. (8107)

"(c) Development- The development of the Track may be by such phases as the Secretary may prescribe subject to the requirements of subsection (a). (8108)

"(d) Integrated Longitudinal Plan- The Surgeon General shall develop an integrated longitudinal plan for health professions continuing education throughout the continuum of health-related education, training, and practice. Training under such plan shall emphasize patient-centered, interdisciplinary, and care coordination skills. Experience with deployment of emergency response teams shall be included during the clinical experiences. (8109)

"(e) Faculty Development- The Surgeon General shall develop faculty development programs and curricula in decentralized venues of health care, to balance urban, tertiary, and inpatient venues. (8110)


"(a) In General- The business of the Track shall be conducted by the Surgeon General with funds appropriated for and provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. The National Health Care Workforce Commission shall assist the Surgeon General in an advisory capacity. (8112)

"(b) Faculty- (8113)

"(1) IN GENERAL- The Surgeon General, after considering the recommendations of the National Health Care Workforce Commission, shall obtain the services of such professors, instructors, and administrative and other employees as may be necessary to operate the Track, but utilize when possible, existing affiliated health professions training institutions. Members of the faculty and staff shall be employed under salary schedules and granted retirement and other related benefits prescribed by the Secretary so as to place the employees of the Track faculty on a comparable basis with the employees of fully accredited schools of the health professions within the United States. (8114)

"(2) TITLES- The Surgeon General may confer academic titles, as appropriate, upon the members of the faculty. (8115)

"(3) NONAPPLICATION OF PROVISIONS- The limitations in section 5373 of title 5, United States Code, shall not apply to the authority of the Surgeon General under paragraph (1) to prescribe salary schedules and other related benefits. (8116)

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