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Sec. 1251.007. EXCEPTIONS.

(3) accident or health coverage that is incidental to any form of a group automobile, casualty,...

Sec. 1364.002. EXCEPTION.

(3) accident or health coverage that is incidental to any form of a group automobile, casualty,...

Sec. 1366.002. EXCEPTION.

(3) accident and health coverages that are incidental to any form of a group automobile, casualty,...


(1) investigate an accident that occurs at a work site of a policyholder for whom an accident...


(c) If the commissioner of workers' compensation determines that a policyholder has complied with...

(d) If the commissioner of workers' compensation determines that a policyholder has failed or...


(c) For purposes of Subsection (a)(6), claims arising under workers' compensation insurance...

Sec. 4151.001. DEFINITIONS.

means a person who, in connection with annuities or life benefits, health benefits, accident...

means a person who engages in the business of life, health, accident, or workers' compensation...

Sec. 4151.002. EXEMPTIONS.

(12) a person who adjusts or settles claims in the normal course of the person's practice or...

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Plural alternatives: accident (accidents), work (works)

Similar words:

accident: accident-only, accidental, accidentally, accidents

work: workable, worked, worker, workers, workforce, workgroup, working, workout, works, worksheet

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accident: accidental, addendum, addition, adjunct, appurtenance, auxiliary, casualty, catastrophe, chance, collateral, collision, contingency, contingent, disaster, event, extra, hazard, incidental, mistake, realization, secondary, subsidiary, supplement

work: accomplish, accomplishment, achieve, achievement, acting, action, activities, activity, advance, advantage, affairs, affect, agency, answer, arrangement, art, assignment, attain, attempt, bank, bar, barrier, bear, behavior, bend, benefit, bias, book, burden, business, calling, career, cast, cause, charge, chemical, child, color, combine, commerce, commingle, commission, commitment, composition, compound, concern, conduct, consummate, contract, copy, craft, create, creation, deal, dealings, deed, defense, design, direct, direction, discharge, dispose, document, doing, draft, duty, effect, effectuate, effort, employ, employment, enact, engagement, engineer, enterprise, establish, execute, execution, exercise, explain, failure, fashion, father, figure, fit, fix, force, form, forward, found, frame, fruit, fulfill, function, functioning, generate, hand, handle, handling, hold, induce, industry, influence, institute, integrate, interest, interpret, issue, job, juvenile, labor, lead, letter, levee, line, list, literature, manage, management, manufacture, master, matter, measure, meet, merge, mix, mobile, mold, move, number, obligation, occupation, office, operate, operation, operations, original, originate, origination, outcome, paper, pass, perform, performance, performing, piece, pilot, plan, plant, practice, proceed, proceeding, produce, product, production, profession, profit, program, project, promote, prompt, publication, purpose, pursuit, qualify, reach, realize, reduce, resolve, responsibility, result, review, role, run, satisfy, score, scrip, script, serve, service, set, show, sketch, specialization, specialty, stand, step, strain, strive, study, task, tax, tend, thing, title, trade, transaction, transcript, turn, undertaking, use, utilize, variation, vehicle, venture, version, vocation, volume, wall, working, works, writing

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