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Abandoned To A Surrendered Life 

Abandoned To A Surrendered Life (973B)

God's Call To A Surrendered Life (1237B)

Jesus Emptied Himself (1302B)

Let Go Of Your Life (1301B)

The Way Of The Cross (931B)

Abel (Adam and Eve's Son) (703A)


Abiding In Christ (1358A)


Abigail An Intercessor (1244A)


Rebelled Against His Father King David (958A)

Absolutes (God's) 

Definition Of Absolutes (1313B)

God's Permanent Laws (1117A)

Principles Derived From (1117B)


Man's Need For Acceptance (537A)

Account, Accountable, Accountability 

Choosing To Be Accountable (1322B)

Give An Account Of Your Stewardship (1363B)

Was Adam Responsible? (702B)

What Is Being Accountable? (544A)


God's Transforming Power (701A)

Was Adam Content? (701B)

Was Adam Faithful? (702B)

Was Adam Responsible? (702A)


Disease Of The Eyes (722A)

From God's Perspective Of Adultery (Hot Coals) (913B, 1327B)

Neither Do I Condemn You (The Adulterer) (997B)

Spiritual Adultery Of This World Or Of God (539B)

The First To Throw A Stone At The Adulterer (1311A)

Treating The Disease Of Adultery (722B)


Grace In Adversity (1242B)

Affliction, Afflicted 

Before Seeking God's Word About Affliction, Job (1319A)

Thriving Under Affliction (524B)

Afraid, Fear 

Be Not Afraid (718B)

Fear Of The Lord (911B)

It Is I, Do Not Be Afraid (911A)

Keys To Drive Out Fear (912A)


Ahab In Showdown At Mt. Carmel With Elijah (1112B)


Addiction (1223B)

Alcohol Is A Roadblock To Godliness (915A)

Definition Of Intoxication (915B)

The Issue Of Alcohol (915A, 915B)

All These Things 

Satan Tempts Jesus With All These Things (972B)

All Things Work Together 

God Meant It For Good (1233A)

In Everything Give Thanks (965A)

Our Purpose In Life (303)

Alliance, Alliances, Yoking 

Business Alliance (545A)

Consequences Of Alliances (545A)

Dating (546A)

Unequal Yoking (545B)

Alone With God 

In Solitary Places (978A)


Amalek Had No Fear (1373B)


Difficult Assignments Of Ambassadors (1307B)

For Jesus Christ (549B)

Guidelines For Christ's (933A)

Ambition (903B)

Angel, Angels 

Angels Are Choir Directors (1344A)

Angels Are Guardians (1344A)

Angels Are Judges and Generals (1344A)

Angels Are Messengers (1346A)

Angels Are Reapers (1346B)

Angels Fallen In The Beginning (1340B)

Angels Minister To Believers (526A)

Learning From The Angels (1340A)

Testing School For Angels (525B)

What Angels Do (1344A, 1344B, 1345A)


Anger As A Clock's Second Hand (1325A)

Curse Into Blessing (910A, 1326A)

Dealing With (909B, 1325B)

Over Our Rights (909A, 1325A)

Righteous (974A)

Sundown Principle Of Anger (1325A)

Taming The Temper (908A, 1324A)

Teakettles Of Anger (1325A)

Three Expressions Of Anger (908B, 1324B)

Anxiety, Anxious, Worry 

Calming Anxiety (992B)

Cast Your Anxiety (Care) Upon God (1302A)

Consider The Lilies For Anxiety (985A)

God's Prescription For Worry (174)

Have Anxiety For Nothing (1314B)

Resisting Satan (1302A)

Appetite, Appetites 

Battle Of The Flesh (1223B)

Choice Of Fleshly Appetite Or Of Spiritual Appetite (1223B)

Self Control Of Fleshly Appetites (1213B)

Spiritual Warfare Of Appetites (533B)

Argue, Arguing 

Arguing Elevates Self and Wounds Others (916B)

Controlling The Tongue (916A)

Pride The Root Cause Of Arguing (916B)


Asa A King Of Judah (1107A)

Asa Humbled Himself Before God (1107A)

Assurance Of Salvation 

Cannot Fall From God's Grace (54)

Shall Never Perish (1128A, 1312B)

Understanding and Knowing We Are Saved (53)


How God Gets Our Attention (520A)

Attitude Of Gratitude 

Developing An Attitude Of Gratitude (529A)

Hannah's Thanksgiving Celebration (734A)


Authority Is God's Way To Teach Us Obedience (1301A)

Parental Authority (542B)

Submission To Authority (552A)

Those In Position Of Authority (1337A)


Our Autobiography Is Being Written (1235B)

Available, Availability To God 

Disciples Left Everything To Be Available To God (977B)

Jehu Was Available To God (1244B)

Noah Made Himself Available To God (705A)

Open To The Call To Be Available To God (716A)


Awe Of God's Word (911A)

Open My Eyes To God's Word (1317A)

Reverential Awe (911A)


Bad News 

How To Handle Bad News (1109A)


Barzillai Cared and Provided For David (1245B)

Battle Of Spirit Versus Flesh 

Hopeless Without God (1368B)

Keys To Conquering The Flesh (1217A)

The Battle Is Not Ours But God's (904B)

Walking In Midst Of The Battle (1110A)

Be Merciful 

To Me As A Sinner (534A, 1365A)

Be Still (970B)


Compassion (535A)

Dying To Self (529B)

Hungering and Thirsting (532B)

Acting Righteous (536B)

Reasons, Results and Remedy (537A)

Introduction (527A)

Meekness (Overcomes Evil With Good) (531B)

Cornerstone Of The Beatitudes (527B)

Crying (531A)

Good Samaritan (534A)

Portrait Of Those (528A)

Publican and Pharisee Praying (528B)

Purpose Of Mercy (534B)

Relative Expectations (529A)

Righteousness (532B)

Spiritual Appetite (533B)

Beginning Again (1235A)

Believe, Belief 

Believe In The One Sent (309A)

Believe In The Work Of God (309A)

Israelites Refused To Believe (725A)

The Faith To Believe (988A)

Bema Judgment Seat (933A)

Besetting Sins (1203A)


Jacob's New Beginning (711A)

Jacob's Transformation (710B)

Bible, Word Of God 

Bringing The Word Into Focus (1321A)

Choose To Obey The Word (1322B)

Engrave These Words On Your Heart (1319B)

God's Word and People Are Eternal (1322A)

Good For Me To Do Or Obey The Word (1319A)

Meditate On The Word (1321B)

Memorize, Review and Personalize The Word (1320B)

Necessary Food Is The Word (1318B)

One Message In The Bible Is Jesus (704B)

Open My Eyes To See Or Understand The Word (1317A)

Teach Me Out Of Thy Word (1318A)

The Bible Is Sharper Than A Two-edged Sword (727B)

Wondrous Things To For Eyes To See In The Bible (1317B)

Word Shall Not Depart (1205A)

Bitter, Bitterness 

Freedom From Bitterness (1202A)

Naomi, Mara (732A)

Bless, Blessing, Blessings 

A New Commandment To Love Or Bless (1351A)

Creating The Mind Of Christ (1315B)

Failing To Remember (1368A)

From Persecution To (555A)

God's Definition Of (527A)

When God Says No! (555B)


Only Way To God Is Through The Blood Of Jesus (301)

Redemption Through The Blood Of Jesus (717B)


Exalting and Glorifying Self (920A)

Boomerang Laws 

Judging, Condemning, Giving, Forgiving (987A)

Born Again 

How Is It Possible To Be Born Again? (975A)

I Never Knew You (315A)

Jesus Is The Perfect Sacrifice (975B)

You Must Be Again (974B)


Jesus Is The Bread Of Life (996B)

Our Daily Bread (981B)


Be Reconciled To Your Brother (1202B)

Clear Conscience Before Your Brother (538B)

Setting A Good Example For Your Brother (538B)

Button Story 

Humility (901B)

By Chance 

Nothing In Life Is By Chance (1112A)



Cain Is An Example Of The Way Of Destruction (703A)

Care, Cares, Caring 

A God Who Cares (729B)

Cares Of The World, Deceitfulness Of Riches, Lust Of Other Things (990B)

Distractions Enter In To Cause Care (1356B)


Nothing In Life Is By Chance (1112A)

Changed Life 

True Test Of Mentoring (1378A)

Character Of Man 

Blameless (1221B)

Calm In A Storm (1222B)

Deceitful Heart (1320A)

Essence Of Man Is (705B)

Faithfulness (1212A)

Gentleness (1223A)

God's Truth (540A)

His Behavior Shows The Choices He Makes (1223B)

One Woman (1222A)

Stands The Test Of Time (1225A)

To Be Blameless (1221B)

Transparent In What The World Sees (1224A)


Daughter (925A)

Discipline (924A)

God's Love Of Children (Better A Millstone) (1101A)

Kingdom Of Heaven (1360A)

Raising Jacob and Esau (709B)

Responsible Sons and Daughters (925A)

Were Yielded To God, Isaac (708A)

Choice, Choices 

Challenge Of Choices (1223B)

Choice In The Lots Life (705B)

Choice In The Moment Of Truth (547B)

Choice Is A Major Part Of God's Plan (907B)

Choice Of Death To Life (994A)

Choice To Have Mind Of Christ (1301A)

Clear, Life Changing Choices (726B)

Contentment Is A Choice (701B)

Distractions Choke Out The Word (1356B)

Forbidden Fruit (1121B)

Humility (1306A)

Life Is A Series Of Choices (1237B)

The Will Over Emotions and Appetites Is A Choice (907A)

To Behave, To Obey Is A Choice (912B, 1237B)

Total Commitment and Surrender (707A)

A Way To Escape (964B)

Ishmael Made Wrong Choices (707B)

Solomon Drifted Away Because Of Wrong Choices (964A)

Christ In You Is The Hope Of Glory (713A)


Our Purpose On Earth Is To Become Like Christ (303)

Transformation Into The Likeness Of Christ (1224A)

Christian Life 

Balance In The Christian Life (1229A)

God's Purpose and Priority In The Christian Life (1118A)

Possessing The Mind Of Christ For The Christian Life (1301A)

Series Of Choices To Obey God In The Christian Life (1237B)

Christmas Stories (Fictional) (182A, 191A, 191B, 302A, 309A)

Church, The 

Body Of Christ Is The Church (551B)

Bride Of Jesus Is The Church (933B)

Message Of The Church (1219B)

Role Of The Church (1215A)

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God (986B)

Signs Of A Caring Church Are Repentance and Belief (1100A)

The Church Needs Sound Doctrine (1215B)

Claiming Our Rights 

Taming The Temper (1324B)

Three Types Of Anger (1325A)


Represent God's Presence (1123B)


Parable Of The Lost Coin (1362A)

Commandments, The Ten 

Adultery (722A, 722B)

Cornerstones (720A)

Honor Parents (721A)

Integrity (723A)

Murder (721B)

Sabbath (720B)

Truth (723B)

Commit, Commitment 

Abraham Was Committed (708A)

Commitment Cannot Straddle The Fence (1112A)

Commitment To Forsake All (1357A)

Commitment To Love (730A)

Commitment To Prayer (1339A)

Commitment To Total Abandonment Of Self (970A)

Disciples Left Everything Behind (977A)

God Wants A Total Commitment (707A)

Ruth Left Prior Life (732B)

Samson Made A Commitment (730B)


God's Never Fails (1332A)

Good Samaritan (1105B)

Jesus Showed Compassion To Lazarus (1100B)

Principles Of Compassion (535B)

Show Compassion In A Hurting World (1100A)

Show Compassion When Counseling A Friend (303)

What Is Compassion? (535A)


David and His Census (960B)

Lot's Compromise In Sodom (706B)

Micaiah's Refusal To Compromise (1245A)

Our Reconciliation (With Man) (539A)

Reminder Never To Compromise (706A)

Solomon's Compromise (964B)

Condemn, Condemning (987A)

Conflict, Conflicts 

Unresolved (1202B)

Walking Amidst (1110A)


Am I My Brother's Conscience? (538B)

Clean Heart (1202A)

Conscience Convicts Us Of Sin (538A)

Conscience Is God's Sensing Unit (1217A)

Maintain A Clear Conscience (539A)


A Spirit Of Godliness (1229A)

Contentment In Life Storms (1376B)

Contentment In What Is True (701B)

Contentment Not From Physical Blessings (1369B)

Doubting God (Jehu) (1244B)

Envy Deprives Us Of Contentment (724A)

Godliness Brings (1353A)

Control Of Self 

Control Of Spirit Over Emotions and Appetite (1213B)

Mans Desire To Be In Control (1108B)

Stumbling Block To Self-control (1223B)


Conversion Takes A Moment Transformation A Lifetime (710B)


Leads To Obedience (514B)

Correctable Christians 

Getting Our Attention (906A)

What Are Correctable Christians? (905B)

Counselors, Christian Counselors 

Five Scriptural Musts (303)


David Versus Goliath (952A)

Micaiah (1245A)

Nicodemus (974B)

Real Strength (731A)

Samson (730B, 731B)

Visual Expression Of Inner Strength (513A)

What Is Biblical Courage? (952A)

Covenant, New (1218B)

Covet, Coveting (306A, 724A)


Handling A Crisis (510A)

Cross, Unconditional Forgiveness 

Crossroad (1311A)

Jesus Is The Way, Truth and Life (1237A)

Only One Way To Salvation Is Through The Cross (1218B)

Ransomed From God's Wrath (1347B)

Salvation Impossible Without The Cross (975B)

Salvation Through Jesus (703A)

Salvation Through The Cross (1236A)

Self-centeredness Dissolves At The Cross (966A)

Sin, Substitute, Savior and Solution (301)

Take Up Your Cross (1357A)

The Tree Of Life (1121B)

Crucifixion, Resurrection (184)

Cry, Crying 

530a, 530b 

Mourn Over Our Sins (530B)

Sign Of Strength Or Weakness (530A)


Dating (546A)


A Man After God's Heart (951B)

Absalom (David's Son) Rebelled Against His Father (958A)

Census Was Disobeying God (960B)

Demonstrated Courage and Faith (952A)

His Sin and Cover-up (958B)

Repentance (Progressive Nature Of Sin) (961B)

Trials After Triumph (952B)

Whiter Than Snow (Forgiven) (957B)


One Day At A Time (993B, 1332A)


Abandonment Of Personal Self (973B)

Accepting God's Ways (1306A)

Before Holiness (529B)

Before Resurrection (1315B)

Death Is A Matter Of Choice (970A)

Life Of Christ Lived In You (1224A)

Surrendered Life (1236A)


First Woman Judge (728A)

Deceit, Deception 

The Heart (Desperately Wicked) (1320A)

The Source Of Riches (1355B)


Bad Decisions (1367B)

Basis For Living A Christian Life (907A)

Finding God's Will (1115A, 1115B, 1116A, 1116B, 1117A, 1117B, 1118A, 1118B, 1119A, 1119B)

God Controlled Responses (963B)

Making Wise Decisions (1118A)

Right Decisions (907A)

Wants Versus Needs (950A)

Wrong Decisions (1367B)

Deliver Us 

From Temptation (982B)


Life Of Christ (1213B)

What People See Demonstrated (1224A)

Depression, Discouragement 

Mentoring By Encouragement (1376A)

Questioning God (1367B)

Disciples, Discipleship 

Demonstrate, Transform, Multiply (965A)

Disciple Makers (303)

Disciples Left It All (970A)

Encouragers (931A)

Fruit Bearing, True Measure Of Discipleship (1358A)

The Call To and Definition Of Discipleship (1236A)

Total Commitment To Be A Disciple (970B)

What It Means To Be A Disciple (977B)


Basic and Essential To The Christian Life (1203B)

Discipline Of Children (924A)

Satan's Lies About (542B)

Discouragement (1367B)


Satan's Tool In Relationships (959B)


God's Truth About Divorce (541A)


Who Really Needs A Doctor? (993A)

Door (1126A, 1213B, 1312A)


Where Joseph's Brothers Betray Him (711B)



Ears To Hear and Understand (1354A)


King Of Moab (727B)


God's First Deliverer (727B)


Listening To The Elderly (1103A)

Respect For The Elderly (1102A)


Believed God's Promises (1246B)

Brook Dried Up (1111A)

Elijah Was Faithful (1113A)

Fervent Prayer (1112A)

Juniper Tree (1113B)

Mother Of John The Baptist (1246B)

Priest In The Temple, Samuel's Spiritual Father (736B)

Prophet Who Followed Elijah (1115A)

Self-pity (1114A)

Whirlwind (1114B)

Widow and Son (1111B)

Emotions, Feelings 

Emotions Created By Our Circumstances (965A)

Emotions Have No Place In Decision-making Process (963B)

Encouragement, Discouragement 

Israelites Were Discouraged (1367B)

Overcoming Discouragement Through Mentoring (1376A)

Positive View For Encouragement (931A)

Why We Get Discouraged (1375B)

End Times 

Bema, Judgment Seat (933A)

Church's Marriage To Christ (933B)

In The Last Days (1226A)

Introduction To The End Times (932A)

The Rapture (932B)

Tribulation (934A, 934B, 935A)

Enemy, Enemies 

All Money Belongs To God (553B)

Envy (910B)

Going The Extra Mile For The Enemy (552B)

Love Your Enemy (556A)

Pray For Our Enemies (1336B)

There Is Always Time (553A)


Walked With God, Faithful (172)

Entitlement, Entitlements (1360A)


Combating (910B)

Coveting (724A)


Jacob's Brother (709B)

Eternal Life 

Concept Of Eternal Life (984B)

God's Truth About Eternal Life (540A)

Only Two Choices (1112B)

Safe and Secure In God's Hands (1335B)

Shall Never Perish (1312B)


Disciples First Mission (994B)

God's Call To Us (1237A)

Mission Of The Church (1219B)


First Woman, Forbidden Fruit (1121A)

Listened To Serpent (1121A)

Exchanged Life 

Our Sin For Christ's Righteousness and Holiness (710B)

Expectation, Expectation 

Expectations Of God (529A)

Relative Expectations (529A)


Elijah Focused His Eyes On Self (1114A)

Eyes Not Focused On God (996A)

Eyes To See Wondrous Things (1317B)

Open My Eyes (1317A)

The Need To Control The Eyes (547B)



Anticipating Jesus' Return (1366A)

Cain and Abel (703A)

Cannot Please God Without Faith (1346A)

Elijah (When Brook Dried Up) (1111B)

Elizabeth (A Woman Of Faith) (1246B)

Enoch (Walked With God) (172)

Evidence Of Things Not Seen (When The Heavens Are Silent) (306A)

Faith Is The Opposite Of Fear (1346A)

Faith To Believe (988A)

Faith When You Are Alone (704A)

Faithfulness To His Word (1321A)

In The Battle (1217A)

Jehoshaphat (Sang and Praised) (183A)

Job (1210B)

Prayer Demonstrates Our Faith (1329A)

Promises Fulfilled Through Faith (510A)

Remaining In Place (1212A)

Servant (1361A)

Timothy Demonstrated Faithfulness (1215A)

Was Adam Faithful? (702A)

Fallen Man 

Fallen Man's Need To Be In Charge (1108B)


In Secret (980B)

Road To Moderation (914B)


Characteristics Of A Perfect (541B)

The Prodigal Son's (1362B)

Who Art In Heaven (1330B)

Fear, Anxious 

Absence Of Faith (1346A)

An Alternative To Fear (911A)

Consider The Lilies (985B)

Do Not Be Anxious (911B)

Elijah Runs From Jezebel (1113A)

Of God (Reverential Awe, Beginning Of Wisdom) (519A)

Opposite Of Love (729B)

Stand Still and Watch God (Moses) (718B)

To Steps To Eliminate (912A)

Feelings, Emotions 

Created By Our Circumstances (965A)

Emotions Have No Place In Decision-making Process (963B)

First Stone 

Casting The First Stone (1311A)

Follow Me 

Total Abandonment Of Personal Goals (973B)

Forgive Us 

(Jesus Paid The Ransom) (1332B)

Forgive, Forgiven, Forgiveness (Also See Persecution) 

All Things Become New (957A)

David (Whiter Than Snow) (957B)

First Be Reconciled To Brother (1202B)

First To Throw A Stone (1311A)

Forgiven Servant (Fails To Forgive) (982A)

Free At Last (982A)

Freedom From Bitterness (1202A)

God Knows No Limits (997B)

God Meant It For Good (1233A)

God's Boomerang Law (987A)

Grace Of Forgiveness (1352B)

How To Seek Forgiveness (Shimei) (959A)

Send Away, Dismiss and Pardon (1332B)

Free Will 

Created To Follow Someone (994A)

Prodigal Son (736A)

Tempted By Appetites and Emotions (1213B)

Walking With God (718A)


What Is Freedom? (967A)

Friend, Friends, Friendship 

A Responsible Christian (926B)

What Is A Christian (1105A)


Bearing (True Measure Of Discipleship) (1358A)

Forbidden (1121A)

Joy (1207-1209A)

Joy Different From Happiness (1207A)

Joy For Who God Is (1207B)

Joy For God's Ways (1208B)

Joy For What God Has Done (1208A)

Joy In Life's Intrusions (1209A)

Kindness (1211A)

Love (1206B)

Meditate (On) (1205B)

Meekness (1212B)

Patience (1210B)

Peace (1209B, 1210A)

My Peace I Leave You (1209B)

Perfect Peace (1210A)

Productive (1357B)

Self Control, Self Under Control (1213B)

Spiritual (1347A)

Developing The (1205A)

Faithfulness (1212A)

Gentleness (1213A)

Goodness (1211B)

Transformation (1206A)


Making Our Own Funeral Arrangements (904B)



Adam In The (701A)

Eden (950B, 1337A)

Doubted God (1121A)

In The Beginning (1337A)

Sin First Entered Mankind (950B)

The Last Gethsemane (966A)

Gentle, Gentleness 

Dignity Under Attack (1223A)

Not A Spirit Of Weakness (1213A)


God's Perfect Battle Plan (728B)

God's Three Measures Of Success (729A)

Give, Giving 

Away Your Life (927A)

Boomerang Law, Keeps Coming Back (987A)

Eternal Principles Of Giving (930A)

How and Why (929A)

To Whom, How Much and The Enemies Of Giving (930B)

God's Plan For Giving (929B)

Glory, Glorify, Glorified 

Bearing Fruit (1358A)

Giving God The Glory (984A)

Glory To God By Faith (736A)

God's Definition Of Success (713B)

In The End (932A)

It Is Not In Me (713A)

Joseph's Secret Of Greatness (1231B)

To God Alone Be The Glory (1232A)

What Is Glory? (1334A)


Gluttony Is Any and All Excesses (914A)

God's Grace 

Agape Grace (1351A, 1352A)

Comforting Grace (1353A)

Forgiveness (1352B)

God Is Grace (1241B)

God's Holiness (1349B, 1350A, 1350B)

God's Power Implanted In A Human Body (1242A)

Grace Greater Than All Our Sin (1243A)

Grace In Life's Storms (1376B)

Grace In Weakness (1349A)

Grace Of Resistance (1342A)

Noah Received God's Grace (704A)

Promises Fulfilled (510B, 511A)

Sufficient Grace (1242B)

Willing and Able (1351B)

Yet Not I (1243B)

God's Truth About 

Alliance, Alliances, Yoking (545A, 545B, 546A)

Relationships and Dating (546A)

Unequal Yoking (545B)

What Is An Alliance? (545A)

Authority and Discipline (542B)

Eternity (540A)

God's Word (543B)

God's Word Is Truth (543B)

Heroes (544B)

Marriage and Divorce (541A)

Rebellion and Patriotism (543A)

Responsibility (544A)

Roles Of Men and Women (542A)

Satan's Lies (546B)

Success (540B)

The Home (541B)

World's Concept Of Truth (1234B)

God's Ways 

10 Principles To Accomplish God's Will (715A)

God's Will 

Daily Decisions Concerning God's Will (1117B)

Elisha Called By God (1115A)

God's Permanent Laws (1117A)

God's Timing (1119B)

God's Will In Conflicts (736A)

God's Will On Earth As In Heaven (1118A)

In Everything Give Thanks (965A)

Just Doing God's Will (1119A)

Keys To Finding God's Will (1116A)

Not Just Finding But Doing God's Will (705A)

Opening God's Ear (1116B)

Our Wants Versus God's Will (950A)

Praying For God's Will (1118B)

Principles To Finding God's Will (715A)

What Is God's Will? (1115B)

God's Word 

Abides Forever (1322A)

Afflictions First Then God's Word (1319A)

Are Seeds (988B, 989A, 989B, 992A)

God's Word Needs Fertile Soil (992A)

Seed Snatcher Is Satan (989B)

Sowers Of God's Word (989A)

The Seed Is God's Word (988B)

God's Word Is Sharp As A Two-edge Sword (727B)

God's Word Is Spiritual Food (1318B)

God's Word Is Truth (1318A)

God's Word Never Returns Empty (1124A)

God's Word Vs World (952A)

Grass Withers But Not God's Word (1322A)

Meditate On God's Word (1319B)

Memorize, Review and Personalize (1320B)

Obey God's Word (1322B)

Observe To Do God's Word, Taking Action (1321B)

Open My Eyes To God's Word (1317B)

Prioritizing Life (1321A)

Resisting In God's Word (1112A)

Reverence For God's Word (1317A)

Secrets Hidden In God's Word (1225B)

Teach Me God's Word (1318A)

God's Work 

Believe In One Sent (1309A)

God, God's 

Getting To Know God (1238B)

God Be Merciful (1365A)

God's Character (724A)

God's Forgiveness Knows No Limits (997B)

God's Heart (951B)

God's Hidden Secrets (1225B)

God's Will, 10 Principles Of Doing God's Will (715A)

How Big Is (1238A)

Initiated Failure (529A)

Is Holy (1240B)

Is Immutable Never Changes (1240A)

Is Love (1351A)

Is Mercy (1241A)

Limiting God (1207B)

Love (Opposite Of Fear) (729B)

Meant It For Good (714B, 1233B)

Message Of Love (1323B)

Peace Of (1209B)

Perfect Timing (997A)

Plan (God's) (717A, 966B, 1125B)

Evidence Of God's Plan (1125B)

Growth Thru God's Plan (966B)

Let My People Go (717A)

Pleasing God Is Impossible Without Faith (1346A)

Purpose Of God's Plan (1118A)

Resisting His Word (1112A)

Rest (1370B)

Spending Time Alone With God (719B)

Unification (1335A)

Walking With God (Four Principles Of God) (718A)

We Are God's Workmanship (1348B)

What Is God's Plan (984A)

When God Says No (1370B)

Who Is God (1238A)

Work Of God (1309A)

Wrestled With God, Jacob (710B)


Characterized By A Spirit Of Contentment (1229A)

Goliath, Giant Philistine Warrior 

David's Courage and Faith (952A)


A Positive Perspective (917A)

All Things Work Together For (303)

Faithful Servant (1304B)

For Me (Job) (1319A)

God Meant It For (1307A)

Samaritan (Getting Involved) (1105B)

Stop Trying To Imitate (1211B)

Why Call Me? (992A)

Worldly View Of Bad and (1243B)

Gossip (917B, 921B, 122 AUDIO ONLY)

Grass Withers 

Brevity Of Life (1322A)

Grasshoppers and Giants 

Scouting Report On Canaan (725A)

Grateful Spirit 

Contentment (701B)

Developing A Grateful Spirit (176B)

Giving Thanks (965-968) (965A)

If Only I (724A)

Ten Lepers (176A)

When Heaven Is Silent (724B)

Gratitude, Thankfulness 

Attitude Of (734A)

Giving Thanks (965-968)

When Heaven Is Silent (733B)


Surrender Of All Personal Glory and Ambition (1231B)

Transformed Weakness (1230A)

Guilt, True Or Counterfeit (1201B)


Hallowed Be Thy Name (1331A)

Halloween (542B)


Caring For The Elderly (1102A)

Jesus Stopped (1103A)

Ministering To The Handicapped (1102B)


Learning To Pray (733B)

Mother Of Samuel (733B, 734A)

Praised God Even When Heaven Was Silent (734A)


Answers (The Moment Of Truth) (547B)

Character Of God (536A)

Clean (1202A)

Conscience, Clear Conscience 

Toward God (538A)

Toward Men (538B)

Toward My Brother's (539A)

Deceitful, Desperately Wicked (1320A)

Full Of God Likeness (536A)

Honest and Good (992A)

Hypocrisy (537A)

Lowly In (1212B)

Meditation (548A)

Moment Of Truth (547B)

Motive Of The Heart (537B)

Pure In Thought Life (547A)

Rebellious (Saul) (953B)

Search Me, Know My Heart (951B)

Spiritual Heart Surgery (548B)

Surrendered (1107B)

Troubled (551A)


Feet On Earth Heart In Heaven (1309A)

God's Greatest Works (1307B)

Unanswered Prayer (306B, 724B)


Fire Never Quenched and The Worm Never Dies (1343B)

Rich Man In Hell and The Beggar At The Gate Of Heaven (1364A)


Heroes Who Possess The Character Of God (544B)


Never Forget The Hill Of Calvary (966A)

Holy, Holiness 

Be Ye (913A, 1327A)

Because He Is (1240B)

Death To Self (1350B)

Love Not The World (1350A)

Positional, Possessional (1349B)


The Christian Home (541B)


An Issue Of Morality (913A)

Involvement In Homosexuality (913B)

Honoring Parents 

Seven Ways Of Honoring Parents (721A)

Using God's Way In Honoring Parents (925A)

House Divided (959B)

Humility, Humble 

Boasting The Opposite Of Humility (920A)

Button Story (901B)

Centurion (Unworthy) (987B)

God Is Seeking (1213A)

Grace To (1302A)

High Cost Of (904A)

In The Workplace (Audio Only) (152, 153, 154)

In Warfare (1307A)

Joseph (It Is Not In Me) (713A, 1231B)

Life Of Christ (1305B)

Mind Of Christ (1301A)

Pharisee and Publican Praying (528B)

Total Dependence On God (1306B)

Walking In (1306A)

What Is (969B)

Hunger and Thirst Of The Spirit 

Developing An Appetite, Thirst (533B)

For Righteousness (532B)


Being A One Woman Man (1222A)

Hypocrite, Hypocrisy 

Cannot Serve God and Mammon (1356A)

Heart Full Of Deceit (536B)

Pharisee's Prayer (528B)

Reasons For, Results Of, and Remedy For Hypocrisy (537A)


I Am 

Among You, Battle Without God (1369A)

Not Of This World (1336A)

The Bread Of Life (996B)

The Great Shepherd (1312A)

The Way (1126A)

Worthy Centurion Soldier (987B)

I Can Do Nothing 

Humility In Warfare (1307A)

I Can Do Nothing Of Myself (303)

Joseph Understood (713A)

Process Of Salvation (994A)

Replace By Self Motivation (540A)

I Never Knew You 

Born Again (315A, 974B)


Grandson Of Eli (736A, 736B)

The Arc Is Lost (736B)

The Glory Has Departed From Israel (736A)


Being Our Own Idol (1357A)


A Covetous Spirit (724A)

Satan Tests Jesus (972B)

Immutable, Immutability 

God Never Changes (1240A)

Imputed Righteousness (533A)

In Charge 

Mans Need To Be In Charge (1108B)

In Everything Give Thanks (965A)

In Jesus' Name (1333B)

In The Twinkling Of An Eye 

End Times (932B)


Abigail, Nabal's Wife (1244A)

Bearing False Witness and Stealing (723A, 1206A, 1244A, 1337B, 1372A, 1372B, 1373A)

Mentoring (1206A, 1337B, 1372A, 1372B, 1373A)

Hard Work (1372A)

Is A Battle (1372B)

When We Pray (1373A)

Praying Through God (1337B)

Into His Likeness, Transformation (1206A)

Intoxicated, Intoxication 

Be Not Drunk (915B)

Born Free (915A)

Involvement, Entanglement 

Co-existing With The Enemy, Sin (727A)

Unequal Yoking, Joining (546B)

Isaac and Rebekah 

A Deeper Meaning Of Marriage (708B)

God's Plan Never Changes (710A)

His Birth (179)

Troubles For (709A)

Where Is The Lamb (708A)


God Never Makes A Mistake (707B)

Son Of Abraham and Haggar (707B)

It Is Good For Me, Job 

Finally Confessed (1319A)

It Is I, Do Not Be Afraid (911A)

It Is Not In Me 

Joseph Gave God The Glory (713A)

It Is Written 

Jesus' Response To Satan's Tests (972B)



Esau (Jacob's Brother) Sold His Birthright (709B)

Returns To Bethel (A New Beginning) (711A)

Was Transformed In Bethel (710B)


Messenger Of God To Jehoshaphat (183A)


Paul and Silas (526B)


Handling Bad News (1109A)

Listened To God's Word (1108A)

Prayed When Hope Was Gone (1109B)

Sang and Praised Amidst Adversity (183A)

Spiritual Battle (Not Ours) (904B)

Walking In Conflict (1110A)

When Battle Is Over (1110B)


Obedient and Available To God (1244B)

Jerusalem, The New (935B)


Became A Slave (1303A)

Came For Two Reasons (1301A)

Emptied Himself (1302A)

His Training (1310A)

Perfect Sacrifice (975B)

Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus (970B)

Stopped (1103A)

The Bread Of Life (996B)

The Bridge To God (1218B)

The Great Shepherd (1126A)

The Light Of The World (980A)

The Rock (1122A)

Walked On Water, Above The Circumstances (996A)


Moses' Father In Law (719B)


Elijah's Nemesis (1114A)


David's Nephew (958B)


Affliction Then Surrender (1319A)

Bitterness (1202A)

Job Called Sin, Sin (732A)

Patience (1210B)

Tested Through Spiritual Warfare (552B)

The Patience Of God (552B, 732A, 1202A, 1210B, 1319A)

Jochebed, Moses' Mother 

Made Moses A Basket Case (1247A)

John The Baptist 

Elizabeth, John's Mother (1246B)

Recognized Jesus and Acknowledged His Authority (973A)


Saul's Son Who Protected David (1331B)


Gave Up Personal Ambition and Glory (1231B)

Learned Glory Belonged To God (1232B)


Co-existing With The Enemy (727A)

Crossing The Jordan, Rocks As Reminder (1373B)

Israelites Refused To Believe (725A)

Legacy Of A Life (1371A)

Mentored By Moses For Leadership (1367A)

Promises Fulfilled Through Grace (510B)

Promises Gained Through Meditation (512B)

Succeeded Moses (510B, 512B, 725A, 727A, 1367A, 1371A, 1373B)

Turn Not Right Or Left (727A)


(Turned Neither Right Or Left (1246A)


During Persecution (971A)

Fruit Of Spirit (1207A)

Fullness Of Life (1359B)

In Tough Times (1209A)

Our First Response To Difficulty (183A)

Praise For His Ways (1208B)

What He Has Done (1208B)

Who God Is (1207B)

Judge, Judges, Judging 

Are You Qualified To Judge? (920B)

Deborah First Female Judge (728A)

God's Delivery Men (727A)

What Goes Around (987A)


Keep, Keeping 

God's Constant Protection (1335B)


A Facet Of God's Love (730A)

Discouraging Words (931A)

Fruit Of Spirit (1211A)

Kingdom, Kingdoms Of God 

Pearl Of Great Price (1359B)

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God, The Only Priority (986B)

Thine Is The Kingdom (983A)

Trading (1307A)

Two Kingdoms (927B)

What Is The Kingdom (1331B)

Knowledge Of God (135-149, AUDIO ONLY)

Korah, Gradson Of Esau 

Rebellious and Ungrateful Spirit (725B)



Beggar At The Rich Man's Gate (1364A, 1100B)

If Only You Would Have Been Here (1100B)

Raised From The Dead (Friend Of Jesus) (1100B)

Leader, Leaders 

Christian (726A, 1222A)

Husbands As Leaders (1222A)

Lessons For Leaders (726A)

Legacy, The Best Of Our Life (1371A)

Lepers Healed 

10 Healed One Showed Gratitude (176A)

Lessons From God's Legends (737B)

Let My People Go (716B)

Let This Mind Be In You 

Let Christ's Mind Be In You (1301A)

Lies, Satan's Lies 

God's Truth About Lying (546B)

Problem With Success (903B)

Through Spiritual Pride (903A)


A Series Of Choices (705B)

Nothing Happens By Chance (1112A)

Taking It For Granted (967B)


Jesus Is The Light (980A)

Letting Our Light Shine (1125A)

Shine From A Hill (979B)

Likeness (Into His) (1356A)

Loaves & Fishes (995B)

Lord's Prayer 

Daily Bread (981B)

Deliver From Temptation (982B)

Forgiveness (982A)

Our Father Who Art In Heaven (1330B)

Pray Like This (981A)

Thine Be The Glory (984B)

Thine Is The Kingdom (983A)

Thine Is The Power (983B)


Acknowledge God In All Our Ways (931A)

David (A Man After God's Own Heart) (951B)

Falling In Love With God (1204A)

Giving Glory To God (713B)

Joseph (Not In Me) (713A)

Love Your Neighbor (1204B)

Saul (To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice) (951A)


Coin & Sheep (1362A)

God's Outstretched Arms (736A)

Lot, A Series Of Choices 

High Cost Of Living In Sodom (706B)

His Life (The Pleasures Of This World) (705B)

Stop, Worship and Never Return (706A)

Total Surrender and Commitment (707A)


A God Who Cares (729B)

First and Greatest Commandment Is Love (1204A)

Fruit Of Spirit Is Love (1206B)

Love Is A Choice (730A)

Love Is Obedient Unto Death (1313A)

Love Never Fails (1104B)

Love Thy Neighbor (1204B)

Nine Signs Of God's Love (730A)

Unconditional Love (965A)

What Is Love? (1104A)

Loyal, Loyalty 

Hannah's Prayer (733B)

One Woman Man, Marriage (1222A)

Ruth Is An Example Of Loyalty (732B)


Man, Male, Men 

A Few Good Men (1221B)

A One Woman (1222A)

Essence Of Man (705B)

Gentle Men (1223A)

Man Of God (1222B)

Role Of Man (542A)


The Message Of Manna (719A)


Churches Marriage To Christ In Revelation (933B)

God's Truth About Marriage (541A)

Love Is A Choice In Marriage (730A)

Loyalty In Marriage (532A)

Made In Heaven Destroyed On Earth (1101B)

One Woman Man (1222A)

Portrait Of Our Relationship To Christ (708B)

Principles Of Marriage (708B)

Martha, Mary 

Lazarus' Sisters (1100B)

Meditate, Meditation 

Chewing On The Word Is Like A Cow Chewing His Cud (1321A)

God's Word Engraved On Our Heart (1319B)

Meditating To Bringing The Word Into Focus (1321A)

Meditation Is An Overlooked Spiritual Power (1205B)

Pure In Heart (548A)

What Is Meditation (513B)

Why and When We Meditate (514A)

Meek, Meekness 

Developing A Spiritual Appetite (533B)

Maintaining Our Meekness (532A)

Meekness Does Not Mean Weakness (1212B)

Meekness When Our Reputation, Authority, Possessions Are Challenged (532A)

Overcoming Evil With Good (531B)

Memorize, Memorization 

Bringing God's Word Into Focus (1321A)

Engraving Scripture On Our Hearts (1119A)

Miracle Of Memorization (512B)

Observe To Obey (1321B)

Owning The Scriptures (1320B)

Unlocking God's Principles Of Memorization (513A)


Encouragement (1375B, 1376A)

Intercession (1372A, 1372B, 1373A)

Our Legacy (1371A)

Reminding (1373B, 1374A, 1374B)

Teaching (1375A)

The Word Of God (1377A, 1377B)

Through Life's Storms (1376B, 1378A, 1378B)

True Test (1378A, 1378B)

Mephibosheth (Jonathan's Grandson) 

David (955A)


Approaching God (1365A)

Merciful To Me A Sinner (528B, 1365A)

The Publican and Pharisee Praying (528B)

Mercy, Merciful 

Blessed Are The Merciful (534A)

God's Mercy (1241A)

Mercy Of God (1216B)

Paul Was Shown (1216B)

Purpose Of Jesus' Coming (534B)

What Is Mercy (534A)

Micaiah, Prophet 

Uncompromising Obedience To God (1245A)


Giving, Money Belongs To God (533B)

God Provides The Strength (553A)

Going The Extra Mile (552B)


Better A Millstone (1101A)

Mind Of Christ 

Christ Became A Slave (1302B)

Mind Of Christ Is A Choice (1301A)

Oneness With Christ (1335A)

Only Priority Of Life In Christ (986B)

Solomon Had Wisdom From God (962A)


Learning Ministry By Walking With Jesus (928A)

Ministry Is Caring For The Poor (927B)

Ministry Is The Church Body Reaching Out (928B)


Miriam Murmured About Moses (725B)

Moses' Sister Was Miriam (725B)


Self Under Control (914B)


Can't Take Money With You (1229A)

Money Changers In The Temple (974A)

Money Is The Deceitfulness Of Riches (1355B)

Root Of Evil Is Money (1356A)

Sharing Money With Others (553B)

Why God Gives Us Money (540B)


Korah Challenged Moses (726A)

Legacy Of A Life (1371A)

Moses' Death (715B)

Moses' View Of Life (726B)

Striking The Rock Was Disobedience To God (1370B)

Motive, Motives 

Maintaining A Pure Heart (537B)

Mourn, Mourning Over Sins 

Mourning Turned Into Joy (530B)

What Does Mourning Mean (531A)

Murmur, Murmurer, Murmuring 

God's Response To Murmuring (919A)

Murmuring Is A Sign Of Discontentment (918A, 918B)

Mustard Seed (Symbol Of Growth and Greatness) (1359A)


Nabal (Foolish Husband Of Abigail) (1244A)

Naomi (Mother-in-law Of Ruth) (732A)

Nathan (David's Advisor) (957A)


A New Commandment (1351A)

Love Your (1204B)

Who Is Our (1365A)

New Beginning (1235A)


Born Again (315A 974B)

Born Of The Spirit (975A)

The Need For A Perfect Sacrifice (975B)


A Faithful Man (170)

Complete Obedience To God (515B)

Found Grace (704A)

Heard God... Was Available (705A)

Message Of The Storm (704B)

Now I Know 

The Alpha and Omega Of The Gospel (976B)

The Woman At The Well (1112A)


Obey, Obedience,obedient 

Better Than Sacrifice (Saul) (951A)

Complete (515B)

Fear Of God As A Motive (519A)

Four Constants (514B)

Illustrations Of (517B)

Immediate (515A)

Joyful (516B)

Memorize (That You Observe To Do) (1321B)

Moses (716B)

No Tomorrow (1314B)

Noah Followed God's Instructions (705A)

Pleases God (1218A)

Rewards For (517A)

To The Finish (516A)

Turn Neither Right Or Left (727A)

Unto Death (1313A)

What Is (1301A)

What It Means To (1313B)

When To (1314A)

Wrong Counsel 

Consider The Counselor First (518B)

Dealing With (518A)

Omnipotent (All Powerful) (1239A)

Omniscient (All Knowing) (1239B)

Oneness (Unification Of Christians) (1335A)

Open My Eyes (That I Might See) (1317A)

Opening God's Heart (Pure In Motive) (547B)

Othniel (Aaron's Nephew) 

Israel's First King (727B)

Our Life (Nothing Happens By Chance) (1112A)

Outside Looking In (How People See Us) (1224A)

Overturned Tables In Temple (Righteous Anger) (974A)



Be Merciful To Me (A Sinner) (1365A)

Ears To Understand (1354A)

Good Samaritan (1365B)

Lost and Found (Coin & Sheep) (1362A)

Making Excuses (Wedding Party) (1361B)

Mustard Seed (1359A)

Pearl (Of Great Price) (1359B)

Persistence In Prayer (1364B)

Prodigal Son (1363B)

Rich Man (Beggar At The Gate) (1364A)

Seeds (Overview) (992B)

Among Thorns (1355A)


Other Things Enter In (1356B)

Our Obsessions (1357A)

Riches (Enter In) (1355B)

Root Of It All (Two Masters) (1356A)

Stony Places (1354B)

Stewardship (Accountability) (1363B)

Ten Virgins (Lamp Oil) (1360B)

Watching (For His Return) (1366A)

While They Were Sleeping (His Return) (1358B)

Workers (In The Vineyard) (1360A)

Pardon (Freed From Bondage) (1332B)

Parents, Parenting 

Authority and Discipline (542B)

Children's Responsibilities To Parents (1227B)

Hannah's Prayer (733B)

Honor Your (721A)

Parent's Prayer (924B)

Pastor's Honoring (1227B)

Responsible Christian Parent (923A)

Satan's Lies About (542B)

Teaching and Correcting (924A)

Patience (The Process Requires) (Job) (1210B)

Patriotism (Satan's Lies About) (543A)


Be Still (992B)

Blessed Are The (549A)

Enemies Of (551A)

God's Perfect Example (550A)

God's Plan For (549A)

I Leave You (Jesus') (1209B)

In The Storms Of Life (992B)

Inner (551A)

Leading Men To (549B)

Never In A State Of Fear (1210A)

Perfect (551B)

Submission To Authority (552A)

Perish (and Shall Never) (1312B)


Reality Of (554A)

Reason For (554B)

Response To (556A)

Results Of 

First Four (555A)

The Last Seven (555B)

Perseverance (In The Fires Of Life) (988A)


All Things Work Together... (303)

Maintaining A Positive (917B)

Peter (PRINCIPLE 530B)

Pharisee and The Publican Praying 

Be Merciful To Me (969A)

Hypocrite Of The Year (536B)

Which Was Poor In Spirit (528B)

Phinehas (Zealous For God's Honor) (1248A)


Ambassadors For Christ (933A)

Not Of This World (1336A)

We Are (907B)

Plagues On Egypt (717B)

Poor In Spirit (Cornerstone Of Beatitudes) (528A)

Power (Omnipotent) 

All Belongs To God (983B)

Authority To Control (731A)

He Is Omnipotent (1239A)


Attitude Of Gratitude (734A)

Deborah (The Singing Judge) (727A)

Developing A Life Of (965B)

For The Plan and The Planner (966B)

In Hopeless Situations (967A)

In Tough Times (183A)

Knowledge Becomes Wisdom (968B)

Living In Constant (965A)

Pray, Prayer,praying 

A Summary (1339B)

Answered (1112A)

Commitment To God About (1339A)

Faith (Demonstrating Our) (1329A)

In A Secret Place (1329B)

In Solitude (980B)

Like This (Lord's Prayer) (981A)

List (Importance Of Having) (1338B)

Must Ask (1330A)

Our First Priority Is (Constant) (1217B)

Persistent In Our (1364B)

Publican and Pharisee 

Approaching God (1365A)

Which Was More Spiritual? (528B)

Sound No Trumpet (In Solitude) (980B)

Unanswered (724B)

When God Says No Plan (1370B)

When Hope Is Gone (1109B)

Why Don't We (1328 A)

Why Must We (1328B)

Pre-marital Sex (913B)


Ambition, Competition and Being The Greatest (903B)

Demanding Our Rights (1307A)

Disguised In Spiritual Robes (969A)

Feeds An Arguing Spirit (916B)

God's View Of (901B)

Humility's Biggest Enemy (1306A)

Original Sin (901A)

Preoccupation With Self (902A)

Satan's Landmines (903A)

Self Sufficiency Of Man (1360A)

Spiritual (902B)

Principle Of (965A)

Principle, Principles 

A Definition (1313B)

A Matter Of (737A)

Through A Shepherd (1125B)


Absolutes Of The Scriptures (1118A)

Encouraging (1376A)

Prodigal Son 

A Loving Father (1362B)

Always Welcome Home (736B)

The Jealous Older Brother (1363A)

Promise, Promises (Of God) 

Claiming The (554A, 554B)

Conditional, Consolidated, Unconditional and Limited (955A)

Grace and Faith Work Together (510B)

He That Has Promised Able To Perform (179)

In Storms Of Life (510A)

Moses and The (511B)

On Who's Authority (512A)

Our Individual (955A)

Purpose Of (954B)

Receiving The (511A)

Restrict and Reverse (955B)

Standing On His (954B)

Treasure Is Yours (955A)

Pure, Purity 

Adultery From God's Perspective (913B)

Be Holy (913A)

Clear Conscience (539A)


Answers (547B)

Issues (547A)

Meditation (548A)

Surgery (548B)

Hypocrite (536B)

Pure Heart (God Is Seeking) (536A)

Spiritual Adultery (539B)

Purpose Of Life (To Possess The Mind Of Christ) (1301A)


Quail (Israelites Wanted Meat) (719A)

Questioning God (1367B)


Rahab (Protected The Spies) (526B)

Rain (8 Spiritual Truths Found In) (1124A)

Rainbow (Message Of) (1128B)

Ransom, Ransomed 

Facts About (932B)

It Wasn't Free To Him (1347B)

Jesus Paid It All (1332B)

Rapture (In The Twinkling Of An Eye) (932B)

Readiness (For His Return) 

Five Wise and Five Foolish (1360B)

Watching Faithfully (1366A)

Reapers (Angels Are The) (1346B)

Rebekah (Wife Of Isaac) 

God's Special Saint (709A)


Against God (1368A)

Fallen Angels (1340B)

God's Truth About (543A)

Has The Glory Departed (736A)

Moses Struck The Rock (726A)

Roots Of (725B)

Rebuke, Rebuking 

How To Respond (906A)

Reconcile, Reconciliation 

Clear Conscience (539A)

Jacob and Essau (710B)

Unresolved Conflicts (1202B)


Lest Any Man Should Boast (1347A)

Moses (When I See The Blood) (717B)

Ruth's Life (and Ours) Represents (733A)

Rehoboam (Solomon's Son and Successor) 

Did Not Seek The Lord (1106B)

Made Wrong Decisions (1106A)

Rejoice, Rejoicing 

In The Lord Always (1209A)

When Battle Is Over (1110B)

Religion (Is Not A Business) (974A)

Repent, Repentance 

David Understood (961B)

Steps To (1232B)

The Road To (714A)

What Is (1342A)

Resentment (Leads To Bitterness) (1202A)

Responsible Spirit (Has No Scapegoats) (702B)


Accepting Personal (702B)

Christian (At Work) (922B)

Christian Parent (Part 1&2) (923A, 923B)

Parent (Discipline) (924A)

Parent (Prayer) (924B)

Sons and Daughters (925A)

Restoration (David's) (957B)

Resurrection and Crucifixion 

Easter Every Day (184)

Revenge (The Quest For) (953A)

Reverential Awe (Fear Of God) (911A)

Revival (Reaching A Dying World) (1336A)

Riches (God's) (1356A)

Righteous, Righteousness 

Experiencing (533B)

God In Control Of Our Life (533A)

His (986B)

Indignation (Jesus and The Money Changers) (974A)


Claiming Our (909A, 1325A)

Giving Up Our (1303B, 1305B)

Same As God's (1307B)


Jesus Is The (1123A)

Moses Struck The (736A)

Role, Roles 

Quietness, Submission (1220B)

Responsibilities (1221A)

Scriptural Of Men & Women (542A)

Root, Roots 

Developing Strong (990A)

Of It All (Riches) (1356A)

Ruth (Naomi's Daughter In Law) 

Our Redemption (733A)

Portrait Of Loyalty (732B)


Sabbath Rest (The Principles Behind) (720B)


Jesus Was A Perfect (975B)

The Need For A Substitutional (1218B)

Salt Of The Earth (Transform, Flavor and Preserve The World) (979B)

Salvation, Saved 

All Men (1219B)

Assurance Of (53)

Born Again (Ye Must Be) (315, 974B)

Did Not Earn...cannot Lose (54)

Eternally Secure (1312B)

Free, Underserved, Unearned (301)

Impossible Without The Cross (975B)

Life In Noah's Day (703B)

Made Too Complicated (975A)

Saved and Kept (Cleansed) (1219A)

Shall Never Perish (1312B)

Simplicity Of (Sin, Substitute, Savior, Solution) (301)

Through The Blood Of Christ (717B)


The Good (1105B)

Who Is Our Neighbor (1365B)

Woman At The Well (976A)

Samson (Means Little Sun) 

Birth and History Of (730B)

Delilah and His Final Hour (731B)

Developing Real Strength (731A)

Samuel (Hannah's Son) 

Hannah's Miracle From God (736A)

Responded To God's Call (734B)


Set Aside To God (1336A)


Grace Of Resistance (1343A)

Knowing His Voice (522B)

Look-alike Seeds (1358B)

Master Deceiver (Satan's Sole Purpose) (1342B)

Principles Of Arguing (916B)

Seed Snatcher (989B)

Tried To Tempt Jesus (971B)

All These Things If (Trading Kingdoms) (972B)

Angels Came (972A)

What Demons Do 

How To Defend Against (1342A)

Test To Physical Body (1341B)

Test, Deceive,distract and Tempt (1341A)

Saul (King) 

Facing Sin (950B)

Had A Rebellious Heart (953B)

Israelites Wanted A King (950A)

Suitcase Full Of Excuses (950B)

Seek Ye First (Mind Of Christ) (986B)

Self Control, Self Under Control 

Anger (1324A 1324B)

Curse Into Blessing (1326A)

Elijah (Takes Eyes Off God) (1114A)

Eternal Attitudes (External Behavior) (912B)

Funeral (Death To) (904B)

Godly Restraint (906B)

Image (Confidence) (1311A)

Our Rights (1325A)

Problem Of Pride (901B)

Sacrifice, Giving Away (1323A)

Self Pity (960A)

Temper (Taming A Must) (1324A)

Three Expressions Of (1324B)

Victory Over Anger (1325B)

What God Is Looking For (1223B)

What Is (1213B)

Self-centeredness (Dissolves At The Cross) (966A)

Serpent, Snake (Jesus Must Be Lifted Up) (1311B)

Servant, Servanthood 

Call To Be A (712B)

Good and Faithful (1304B)

Jesus Humbled Himself (1305B)

Jesus Washes Disciples Feet (1236B)

Respecting Authority (1228B)

Servant Or Slave (The Difference) (1303A)

Serving Two Masters 

Cannot Straddle The Fence (1112B)

God Or Mammon (1356A)

Sex (Premarital) (913B)


Jesus The Door To Salvation (1126A)

Knows Us By Name (1127B)

The Great (1125B)

Unselfish (1126B)

Shimei (How To Confess Sins) (959A)

Sin, Sins, Sinning (Disobedience To God) 

Besetting (1203A)

Covering Up (David) (956B)

David (Faces Consequences Of) (958A)

Exposed (957A)

Knowledge and Understanding Of (976B)

Progressive and Unconfessed (956A)

Remember Samson (737B)

Separates Us From God (1228A)

Sexual (1327B)

Ten Second Moment Of Truth (547B)

Weep, Lament, Mourn Over Our (530B)

Who Can Forgive (979A)

Sinners (Two Kinds Of) (1311B)


Giving Up Rights (1303B)

Living Under Authority (1304A)

Mind Of Christ (1302B)

Response To Authority (1228B)

Slave Versus Servant (1303A)

Sodom (The World's Standards) (706B)

Solomon (David's Son) 

Builds The Temple (963A)

Compromises (964B)

God's Word (963B)

What Shall I Give Thee (962A)

Wisdom (962B)

Wrong Choices (His Values Changed) (964A)

Sons and Daughters (Teaching To Be Responsible) (925A)

Sound No Trumpet (980B)

Sovereignty (Of God) 

God Meant It For Good (714B, 1233A)

If So Why (709A)

Makes No Mistakes (707B)

Voice Of A Stranger (1127A)

Sparrows (God's Love For Us) (994B)

Spirit (The Holy Indwelling) (1205A)


Adultery (539B)

Appetite (533B)

Blueprint For Battle (1110B)

Hunger (1318B)

Investing (1361A)

Physical Verses (1120A)

Pride (Acting As Righteous) (969A)

Satan Destroys The Fruit (525A)

Satan Kills The Roots (524B)

Satan Steals The Seed (524A)

Satan's Plan (523B)

Strength and Endurance (Samson) (730B)

Surgery (547B)

Switch (Making The) (1366B)

Testing (School For Angels) 

God Seen Through Us (526B)

How They Minister (526A)

Nature and Character Of (525B)

Voice Of The Stranger (523A)

Warfare (1120A)

Starting Over (Would You Like To Start Over?) (1201A)

Stewardship (1363B)


Deep Roots (990A)

Inner Peace (551A)

Mentoring (1376B)

Message Of, The (704B, 1128B)

Noah (705B)

Stand Still (970B)

Test Of Character (1222B)

Stranger (Voice Of) 

How To Recognize (523A)

Ignoring The (1127A)


David (951B)

Dependence Not Independence (994A)


His Final Hour (731B)

Man Of Endurance (Under Attack) (730B)

Power (Authority To Control) (731A)

Substitute (301)


Glory To God (713B)

God's Three Tests (Gideon) (729A)

Landmines Of (903B)

On The Job (1230B)

Satan's Lies About (542B)

What Is (540B)

Suffer, Suffering 

Reaching Out To God (1319A)

Why God's Children... (1231A)

Sun (Paints God's Glory) (1124B)

Surrender, Surrendered Life 

Essence Of Humility (1301A)

Exchanged Life (1301B)

Glory To God (1231B)

Jesus Explains (1323A)

Let God Be God (971A)

Making Excuses (1361B)

Not Your Life But His (1237B)

Pearl Of Great Price (1359B)

The Ultimate Act (975B)

Total Commitment (Lot) (707A)

Whatever It Takes (1316A)


Taking Our Eyes Off God (1114A)

Talents (Gifts From God) (1361A)

Tax Collector and Pharisee Praying (528B)


Redirecting Anger (Curse Into A Blessing) (910A)

Taming The (908A, 1324A)

Three Expressions Of Anger (908B)

Temple (Solomon Builds God's) (963A)


Constant Barrage From Satan (1315A)

Jesus In The Wilderness (972A)

Lead Us Not Into (Delivery Through) (982B)

Moment Of Truth (547B)

Resisting (1315A)

What Is (1333A)

Ten Commandments 

Adultery (Disease Of The Eye) (722A)

Bearing False Witness (723B)

Coveting (724A)

Honoring Parents (721A)

How To Combat Adultery (722B)

Integrity (723A)

Sabbath Rest (720B)

The Cornerstone Of Faith (720A)

What Is Murder (721B)

Test, Tests, Testing 

Angels Came To Comfort Jesus (972A)

Each One Has A Purpose (521B)

If (972B)

Mountains Of Trials (519B)

Of Time (1225A)

Our Character In Storms (1222B)

Recognizing Satan's Voice (522B)

Satan's Tactics (971B)

School For Angels 

How To Minister To Believers (526A)

Nature and Character Of Angels (525B)

Temptations (1307A)

To Equip Us (521B)

To See Christ In Us (526B)

To Teach Us To Pray (522A)

Trading Kingdoms (1307A)

Vision Of God (521A)

Voice Of The Stranger (Negative Thinking) (523A)

Why God Tests Us 

To Create The Mind Of Christ In Us (520B)

To Get Our Attention (520A)


Russell Kelfer (304)

What Is A (550B)

Texas (1125B)

Textbook (The Bible) (1317A)

Thanks, Thankful,thankfulness 

Creating A Grateful Spirit (176A)

In Everything Give (965A)

Ten Lepers Healed, One Returned (176B)

Why We Are Not More (967B)

Thine Is The 

Glory (984A)

Kingdom (983A)

Power (983B)

Thorn (Paul) 

God's Grace Is Sufficient (1242B)

Saved By Grace (1347A)


Bringing Ours Under Control (547A)

Moment Of Truth (547B)


Alone With God (978A)

Jesus'had Not Yet Come (1310B)

No One Understood (1311B)

Tithing (1323A)

Tomorrow (There's No) (1314B)


Controlling Our (916A)

Only God Can Control The (921B)

Principles Of An Arguing (916B)

Talking (and Never Listening) (1103B)

Training (Jesus') (1310A)

Transfiguration (1317A)

Transform, Transformation (Of Man) 

Into His Likeness (974B)

Jacob (710B)

Major Need Of Mankind (1206A)

Understanding God's Word (1318A)

Transparent Life (God's Call For) (536B)

Treasure, Treasures 

Cannot Take Them With You (1229A)

Hidden (905A)

Promises (955A)

Storing Up Earthly (929A)

Where Are Your (985A)


Of Life (1121B)

Spiritual Symbol (1120A)

Trials (After Triumph) 

David After Goliath (952B)

Elijah Hides From Jezebel (1113B)

Tribulation (End Times) 

Cast Of Characters and List Of Events (934B)

Every Eye Shall See Him (935A)

What and When (934A)

Tribulations (There Will Be) (1311B)

Trust (The Israelites Hesitated To) (1367B)


God's Word Is (1318A)

Moment Of (547B)

Two-edged Sword (Drive Out Satan) (727B)

We Cannot Handle The (1309B)

Will Set You Free (723B)

Two Kingdom Lie 

Satan Tests Jesus (972B)

Two Masters (Serving) 

Death To Life (994A)

Root Of It All (1356A)

Satan Or God Pick One (1112B)

Spirit Or Flesh (906B)

Spiritual Adultery (539B)

You Belong To God Or Not (1113A)

Two Worlds (Flesh and Spirit) (975A)

Tychicus (Faithful and Available To God) (1247B)


Understand, Understanding 

Only Through God's Spirit (1318A)

Refocusing Our Lives (1321A)

Turned Into Wisdom (1339A)

Unity Of Believers (1335A)

Uriah (Bathsheba's Husband, David's Sin Cover-up) (956B)


Vengeance (Is Mine) (1352B)

Vessel, Vessels (Women Are God's Vessel For Children) (1347A)

Victorious Life (Sin Is Defeated) (1209B)

Vine (I Am The) (1231B)

Vineyard (Workers) (1360A)

Violin Story (Touch Of The Master's Hand) (1125B)

Voice Of A Stranger (Satan) (523A)


Wait, Waiting 

Abraham (179)

On God (970B)

The Poem (710B)

When The Heavens Are Silent (724B)

Walking With God 

Four Principles Of (718A)

Walking With Jesus 

How He Lived (928A 1323B)

Wander, Wandering 

Israel's Bad Decisions (1367B)

Moses Mentors Joshua (1367A)

Why Do We? (725A)

Wants Vs Needs (737A)


Jesus Walks Above The Circumstances (996A)

Message Of Living (Woman At The Well) (976A)

Now I Know (976B)

Why God Uses (737B)


Blessing Of (1234A)

Grace Of (1349A)

Reveals God's Strength (1234A)

Strength Made Perfect In (1242B)

Weeds, Thorns 

Cares Of The World, Riches and Lust Of Other Things (525A)

Other Things Enter In (1356B)

Why God Allows Them (1355A)

Wept (Jesus) (1100B)

While They Were Sleeping (1358B)

Why God Tests Us (520B)

Widow, Widows 

Caring For 

A Place In God's Heart (1226B)

Parents (1227A)

Elijah Comforts (1112B)

Willing (1351B)


Reminder Of Many Things (1122B)

Spiritual Lessons From The (1122A)

Wisdom (Free Will Controlled By The Mind Of Christ) (901A)

Witness, Witnessing 

Being God's Ambassador (549B)

God's Perfect Peacemakers (550A)

How The World Views Us (1224A)

Woman, Women 

Dress Of A Believing (1220A)

Quiet and Submissive Spirit (1220B)

Role Of (542A)

The Responsible Christian (926A)

Womanhood (1220B)

Word (Keeping Our) (963B)

Work Of God (Believe In The One Sent) (1309A)

Workmanship (We Are God's) (1348B)


Christians In The (922B)

Joseph, Success In Workplace (712A 1230B)


In The World But Not Of This World (1336A)

Living In This One, Eyes On The Next (968A)

Love Not The (1350A)


Consider The Lilies (985B)

God's Prescription For (174A)


Father's Outstretched Arms (986B)

I Am Not (987B)

Prodigal Son (1362B)


Yet Not I (Christin Me) (1243B)

Yielding (Giving Up) 

Never Too Tired (553A)

Our Provisions (553B)

Submission To Authority (552B)

Yoked, Yoking 

Co-existing With The Enemy (727A)

Truth About Dating (546A)

Unequal (546B)

You Must Be Born Again (315, 974B)

Your Father Knows (1330A)

Your Life Story (1235B)


Zerubbabel (One Of The Babylonian Captives) 

A Picture Image Of Christ (1248B)

Possessed A Heart For God's Word (1249A)