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Angels (1340-1346)

1340A"Be An Angel"View
1340BFallen AngelsView
1341AWhat Do Demons Do All Day? Part 1View
1341BWhat Do Demons All Day? Part 2View
1342AWhat Do Demons Do All Day?View
1342BThe Tempter CameView
1343AThe Grace of ResistanceView
1343BWhere the Fire is Never QuenchedView
1344AGuardians, Choir Directors, Judges and GeneralsView
1344BWhat Do Angels Do All Day (Part 1)View
1345AWhat Do Angels Do All Day (Part 2)View
1345BA Little Lower Than The AngelsView
1346AThe Angel Said, "Fear Not"View
1346BThe Reapers Are The AngelsView

Assurance (53-54)

53Assurance of SalvationView
54Assurance of Salvation (Part 2)View

Beatitudes (527-556)

527AOh, What BlissView
527BThe Poor in SpiritView
528APortraits of the Poor in SpiritView
528BBlessed are the Poor in Spirit - Relative InsignificanceView
529ABlessed are the Poor in Spirit - Relative ExpectationsView
529BThough He Was Rich, He Became PoorView
530AFour Things That Make God CryView
530BOne More Reason to CryView
531ALearning to MournView
531BBlessed Are The MeekView
532ABlessed Are The Meek (Part 2)View
532BHungering and ThirstingView
533AWhat Is Righteousness?View
533BDeveloping a Spiritual AppetiteView
534ABlessed Are The MercifulView
534BThe Purpose of MercyView
535AWhat Is Compassion?View
535BWhat Is Compassion? Part 2View
536AThe Pure in HeartView
536BHypocrite of the Year AwardView
537AHypocrisy: the Reasons, the Results, the RemedyView
537BMotives - the Love of ChristView
538AClear Conscience Towards GodView
538BAm I My Brother's Conscience?View
539AClear Conscience With MenView
539BWhat is Spiritual Adultery?View
540AGod's Truth About the Character of ManView
540BGod's Truth About SuccessView
541AGod's Truth About Marriage and DivorceView
541BGod's Truth About the HomeView
542AGod's Truth About the Roles of Men and WomenView
542BGod's Truth About Authority and DisciplineView
543AGod's Truth About Rebellion and PatriotismView
543BGod's Truth About God's WordView
544AGod's Truth About ResponsibilityView
544BGod's Truth About HeroesView
545AGod's Truth AboutView
545BGod's TruthView
546AGod's Truth About Alliances: DatingView
546BGod's Truth About Satan's LiesView
547AThe Pure in Heart - "The Issues"View
547BThe Pure in Heart - "The Answers"View
548AThe Pure in Heart - "Meditation"View
548BThe Pure in Heart - "Spiritual Surgery"View
549ABlessed Are the PeacemakersView
549BLeading Men to Peace With GodView
550BTests of a TestimonyView
551ALet Not Your Heart Be TroubledView
551BThe Eye That Needs A HandView
552AThe "Yes, Sir" of the HeartView
552BLife on Two Mile IslandView
553ALife on Two Mile Island (Part 2)View
553BLife on Two Mile Island (Part 3)View
554AThe Reality of PersecutionView
554BThe Reason for PersecutionView
555AThe Results of PersecutionView
555BThe Results of Persecution (Part 2)View
556AThe Response to PersecutionView
556BGod's Beautiful AttitudesView

Caring Church in a Hurting World, The (1100-1105)

1100AWhy Do You Run When I'm CryingView
1100BIf Only You'd Been HereView
1101ABetter a MillstoneView
1101BMade in Heaven, Destroyed in EarthView
1102ALate Life LeprosyView
1102BI'm Human, TooView
1103AJesus StoppedView
1103BI Can't Hear; I'm TalkingView
1104AThe Greatest of These is LoveView
1104BLove Never FailsView
1105AThe Kind of Friend He is to MeView
1105BThe Other Side of the RoadView

Character of God, The (1238-1243)

1238ABecause He IsView
1238BBecause He is...GodView
1239ABecause He Is...OmnipotentView
1239BBecause He Is...OmniscientView
1240ABecause He Is...ImmutableView
1240BBecause He Is...HolyView
1241ABecause He Is...MercyView
1241BBecause He Is...Grace (Part I)View
1242AGrowing in GraceView
1242BMy Grace Is SufficientView
1243AGrace Greater Than All Our SinView
1243BYet Not IView

Fictional Stories

182AI'm Dreaming of a White ChristmasViewN/A
191AThe Day That Grandpa was BornView
191BEthel's Amazing UmbrellaView
192AThe Story of Edith EasterView
195AA New Heart for AlexViewN/A
198ALittle Jeremy RaincloudViewN/A
199AThe Least Likely Angel of AllViewN/A
302AThe Name of the Game Isn't FootballViewN/A
309AWhen the Sun Comes Up In the Desert (fiction)ViewN/A
309PSWhen the Sun Comes Up In the Desert - (pocket size fiction 4x6)ViewN/A  

First Timothy (1215-1229)

1215ADear Tim: Letters to a Faithful ManView
1215BDear Tim: The Gospel According to PaulView
1216ADr. Paul's PrescriptionView
1216BDear Tim: I Was Shown MercyView
1217AShipwrecked SaintsView
1217BFirst of all, PrayView
1218AThis is Good and Pleases GodView
1218BThere Is Only OneView
1219BThe "All" in God's CALLView
1220AThe Godly WomanView
1220BThe Two-Fold Glory of WomanhoodView
1221AMale and Female Created He ThemView
1221BWanted, A Few Good MenView
1222AA One-Woman ManView
1222BTest of Character: The Storms of LifeView
1223AGod Needs Gentle MenView
1223BThe Challenge of ChoiceView
1224AOn the Outside Lookin' InView
1224BIn the Easy Chair At HomeView
1225AStanding the Test of TimeView
1225BA Mystery SolvedView
1226AIn the Last DaysView
1226BA Widow IndeedView
1227AA Widow Indeed - Part 2View
1227BDouble HonorView
1228ASome Men's SinsView
1228B...but rather serve themView
1229AYou Can't Take It With YouView
1229BTo Whom Be HonorView

Four Callings of God, The (1236-1237)

1236AThe Call To DiscipleshipView
1236BThe Call to ServanthoodView
1237AThe Call To EvangelismView
1237BThe Call to SurrenderView

Fruit of the Spirit, The (1205-1214a)

1205AThis Book...Shall Not DepartView
1205BDay and NightView
1206AThe Fruit of the Spirit IsView
1206BThe Fruit of the Spirit is...LoveView
1207AThe Fruit of the Spirit is...JOYView
1207BThe Joy of Who He IsView
1208AThe Joy of What He Has DoneView
1208BPraise for His WaysView
1209ALet Heaven and Nature SingView
1209BPeace I Leave With YouView
1210APerfect PeaceView
1210BThe Patience of JobView
1211AThe Fruit of the Spirit is...KindnessView
1211BThe Fruit of the Spirit Is...GoodnessView
1212AFaithful Is HeView
1212BMeek and Lowly In HeartView
1213AA Gentle LifeView
1213BSelf Under ControlView
1214AThe Fruit of the Spirit is...JesusView

God's Amazing Grace (1347-1353)

1347ALest Any Man Should BoastView
1347BIt Wasn't Free To HimView
1348AAdopted, Accepted, AdoredView
1348BHis WorkmanshipView
1349AThe Grace of WeaknessView
1349BThe Grace of HolinessView
1350AThe Grace of Holiness (Part 2)View
1350BThe Grace of Holiness (Part 3)View
1351AAgape GraceView
1351BAgape Grace (Part Two)View
1352AAgape Grace (Part 3)View
1352BThe Grace of ForgivenessView
1353AComforting GraceView
1353BGrace and PeaceView

In Everything Give Thanks (965-968)

965AIn Everything Give ThanksView
965BJust Because He IsView
966AWhen Last Did You Visit The HillView
966BPraise For The PlannerView
967APraise from a PrisonView
967BThanksgiving of the HeartView
968ASome Golden Daybreak Thankgiving Will ComeView
968BPraise HimView

Joseph and the Sovereignty of God (1230-1235)

1230AJoseph: The Dothan ConspiracyView
1230BSuccess on the JobView
1231AHave You Considered My ServantView
1231BJoseph: It is Not in MeView
1232ATo God Be the GloryView
1232BThe Road to RepentanceView
1233AGod Meant It For GoodView
1233BThe Power in Our PastView
1234AThe Blessing of WeaknessView
1234BThe Miracle of Plan "B"View
1235ANineteen Ninety LastView
1235BThe Story of Your LifeView

Let God Be God (969-997)

969ASatan's SlingshotView
969BWhat Is HumilityView
970AThe Bus Is LeavingView
970B"Be Still"View
971ALet God Be GodView
971BWhen the Warfare Gets ToughView
972AAnd the Angels CameView
972BAll These Things I Will Give You ifView
973AWho Are YouView
973BFollow MeView
974AOverturned TablesView
974BYe Must Be Born AgainView
975AHow Can These Things BeView
975BYes Jesus Loves MeView
976ALiving WaterView
976BNow, I KnowView
977AThey Left Everything (Part 1)View
977BThey Left Everything (Part 2)View
978AIn Solitary PlacesView
978BWho Can Forgive SinsView
979AChasing After ShadowsView
979BSalt from the SteepleView
980ALet Your Light So ShineView
980BSound No TrumpetView
981APray Like ThisView
981BOne Day at a TimeView
982AFree At LastView
982BLead Us Not Into TemptationView
983AThine Is the KingdomView
983BThine Is the PowerView
984AThine Is the GloryView
984BForever, AmenView
985AWhere Your Treasure IsView
985BConsider the LiliesView
986AWhere Has All the Love GoneView
986BSeeking First the Kingdom of GodView
987AGod's Boomerang LawsView
987BI am not worthyView
988BThe Seed is the WordView
989AThe Sower Sows the WordView
989BThen Came the Seed SnatcherView
990BDon't choke the WordView
991AEleven Fifty-Nine and HoldingView
991BThe Miracle of MultiplicationView
992ASpiritual Soil ConservationView
992BPeace Be StillView
993AWho Needs a DoctorView
993BWhile He Was SpeakingView
994AFrom Death to LifeView
994BMore Than Many SparrowsView
995AGod's Plan for SurvivalView
995BWhat Are These Among So ManyView
996AIT IS.. I AMView
996BI AM the Bread of LifeView
997AMy Time Has Not Yet ComeView
997BNeither Do I Condemn YouView

Little Known Legends (1244-1249)

1244AAnd His Wife's Name was AbigailView
1244BJehu: But Not With All His HeartView
1245AMicaiah: Mark My Words, All You PeopleView
1245BBarzillai: "I Will Provide for You"View
1246AJosiah: He Did What Was RightView
1246BElizabeth: Blessed is SheView
1247AJochebed: By FaithView
1248APhinehas: A Lasting PriesthoodView
1248BZerubbabel: A Type of ChristView
1249AZerubbabel: A Type of Christ (Part 2)View
1249BHave You Ever Heard of Asa?View

Living Legends 1 (701-737)

701AGod's Living LegendsView
701BAdam: Was He Content?View
702AAdam: Was He Faithful?View
702BAdam: Was He Responsible?View
703ACain and Able at the CrossroadsView
703BAs It Was In the Days of NoahView
704ANoah Found GraceView
704BThe Message of the StormView
705AThus Did NoahView
705BRemember Lot's WifeView
706AStakes, Altars, and RoadblocksView
706BThe High Cost of Living in SodomView
707AJoining the CIAView
707BIshmael and the All Things of LifeView
708AIsaac, Where Is the LambView
708BIsaac: Here Comes the BrideView
709AIf It Be So, Then Why?View
709BJacob/Esau Lets Make a DealView
710ADear Gabby, Dear IsaacView
710BThe Transformation of JacobView
711AJacob: Return to BethelView
711BJoseph: The Dothan ConspiracyView
712ASuccess on the JobView
712BHave You Considered My ServantView
713AJoseph: It is Not in MeView
713BTo God Be the GloryView
714AThe Road to RepentanceView
714BGod Meant It For GoodView
715AMoses: The Wonderful Ways of GodView
715BMoses: In the Process of TimeView
716AMoses: Who Am I That I Should GoView
716BWho Is the LordView
717AMoses: Let My People GoView
717BWhen I See the BloodView
718ALearning How to Walk With GodView
718BMoses: Don't Be AfraidView
719AThe Message of MannaView
719BThe Glory of His PresenceView
720ACornerstones of the FaithView
720BThe Sabbath Rest of GodView
721AHonor Your ParentsView
721BWanted for MurderView
722AAdultery: Disease of the EyeView
722BAdultery: Disease of the Eye (Part 2)View
723AThe Issue of IntegrityView
723BThe Truth Will Set You FreeView
724AIf Only I...View
724BWhen The Heavens Appear To Be SilentView
725AWhy WanderView
725BThe Roots of RebellionView
726ALessons for LeadersView
726BLife Through the Eyes of a Living LegendView
727AHere Come the JudgesView
727BEhud, Eglon and a Two-edged SwordView
728ADeborah's Song and OursView
728BThe Sword of the Lord and of GideonView
729ABriars, Thorns and Toppled TowersView
729BA God Who CaresView
730ALove IsView
730BSamson: God's All AmericanView
731AA Lion, A Riddle and 300 FoxesView
731BSamson's Final HourView
732ADon't Call Me BitterView
732BRuth: The Lost Art of LoyaltyView
733ARuth's Redemption and OursView
733BHannah: For This Child I PrayedView
734AAn Attitude of GratitudeView
734BSpeak, Lord, Thy Servant HearethView
736AThe Glory Has Not DepartedView
736BIf You ReturnView
737AIt's A Matter of PrincipleView
737BLetters to LegendsView

Living Legends 2 (950-964)

950ALong Live The King!View
950B5 Excuses God Does Not NeedView
951ATo Obey Is BetterView
951BA Man After God's HeartView
952AThat Quality Called CourageView
952BAfter the Triumph the TrialsView
953ASurrender to SovereigntyView
953BThe Lord Answered Him NotView
954BStanding on the PromisesView
955AThe Treasure Is YoursView
955BThe Whole Counsel of GodView
956AIt Didn't Have to HappenView
956BDear God, What Happened to David?View
957AThou Art the ManView
957BWhiter Than SnowView
958AOh, My Son, My SonView
958BWith Pen in HandView
959AThe HomecomingView
959BDivided We FallView
960AThe Giants Still FallView
960BSome Trust in ChariotsView
961AThe Grandeur of God's PerspectiveView
961BDavid Faces the NationView
962AWhat Shall I Give TheeView
962BWiser Than All MenView
963AMission AccomplishedView
963BThere Hath Not Failed One WordView
964AAs Solomon Grew OldView
964BIf My PeopleView

Living Legends 3 (1106-1114)

1106ARehoboam: If You Will Be KindView
1106BHe Did Not Set His HeartView
1107AHave You Ever Heard of Asa?View
1107BWhat in the World Is God Looking ForView
1108AWhat My God SaithView
1108BBe Careful What You DoView
1109ABlue Print for BattleView
1109BHow to Pray When Hope is GoneView
1110AHow to Walk in the Midst of the ConflictView
1110BHow to Rejoice When the Battle's OverView
1111ABut the Brook Dried UpView
1111BYou Want Me to Go Where, Lord?View
1112AAnd the Lord HeardView
1112BBetween Two OpinionsView
1113AThe Lord, He is GodView
1113BUnder the Juniper TreeView
1114AWhat Are You Doing Here, ElijahView
1114BThe Legend Lives OnView

Living Lessons From Proverbs (901-931)

901AThe Four Faces of WisdomView
901BThe Perennial Problem of PrideView
902ALook At MeView
902BThe Perennial Problem of Spiritual PrideView
903ALandmines and LiesView
903BLandmines and Lies - (Part 2)View
904AThe High Cost of HumilityView
904BThe Battle Is Not Your, But GodsView
905ASearching for Hidden TreasureView
905BWanted: Correctable ChristiansView
906AWanted: Correctable Christians (Part 2)View
906BSelf-Control: Mirage or MiracleView
907ADecisions! Decisions! Decisions!View
907BDecisions! Decisions! Decisions! (Part 2)View
908ATaming, the Temper (Part One)View
908BTaming The Temper (Part 2)View
909AReckoning With Our Rights - Taming the Temper (PT 3)View
909BTeakettles, Sundown, and A Second Hand - Taming the Temper (Part 4)View
910ATaming the Temper Part 5View
910BThat Enemy Called EnvyView
911AIt is I...Don't Be Afraid! (Part 1)View
911BIt is I...Don't Be Afraid! (Part 2)View
912AIt is I... Don't Be Afraid (Part 3)View
912BChristian, Behave!View
913ABe Ye HolyView
913BWALKING ON HOT COALS (A Study of the Subject of Adultery)View
914APrinciples from Proverbs on GluttonyView
914BFrom Feasting to FastingView
915AThe Issue of Alcohol: Born Free!View
915BBe Not Drunk... Be FilledView
916ATiny Sparks and Great FiresView
916BThe Sparks of an Arguing TongueView
917AIt's Time to Give a Good Report (Part 1)View
917BIt's Time to Give a Good Report (Part 2)View
918AMessages from MurmurersView
918BMessages from Murmurers (Part 2)View
919AMessages from Murmurers (Part 3)View
920AWhat Do I Have to Boast About?View
920BSo You Want to Be a JudgeView
921ASpeaking the Truth in LoveView
921BGod CAN Control Our TonguesView
922AThe Reality of ResponsibilityView
922BThe Responsible Christian at WorkView
923AThe Responsible Christian Parent (Part 1)View
923BThe Responsible Christian Parent (Part 2)View
924AThe Dynamics of Discipline - Responsible Parents: Discipline (Part 3)View
924BThe Dynamics of Discipline - Responsible Parents: Prayer (Part 4)View
925AResponsible Sons and DaughtersView
926AThe Responsible Christian WomanView
926BResponsible Christian FriendsView
927AWhere Has All the Love GoneView
927BWhere Has All the Love GoneView
928AReach Out and Touch SomeoneView
928BReaching Out TogetherView
929AThe Foolishness of GivingView
929BDear Corinthians: About that offering...View
930ADear Christian: About Your OFFERINGView
930BIn Search of Sensitive SaintsView
931AWhere Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging WordView
931BIn All Thy Ways...Acknowledge Him!View

Living the End Times (932-935)

932AThat Will Be Glory For MeViewN/A
932BIn the Twinkling of an EyeViewN/A
933AWelcome Home, Mister AmbassadorViewN/A
933BHere Comes the BrideViewN/A
934AWhen the Lights go Out on Planet EarthViewN/A
934BWhen the Lights Go Out on Planet Earth (Part 2)ViewN/A
935AEvery Eye Shall See HimViewN/A
935BBehold, I Make All Things NewViewN/A

Making the Spiritual Switch (1120-1128)

1120AHow Would You Like to Be a TreeViewN/A
1120BThe Kind of Tree You Were Meant to BeViewN/A
1121AForbidden FruitViewN/A
1121BThe Tree of LifeViewN/A
1122AInherit the WindViewN/A
1122BEvery Time the Wind BlowsViewN/A
1123AHe is the Rock: His Work is PerfectView
1123BI Will Appear in the CloudView
1124AAs the Rain Comes DownView
1124BThe Lord God is a SunView
1125AAs Different as Night and DayView
1125BThat Great Shepherd of the SheepView
1126A_I AM The Door of the SheepViewN/A
1126BThe High Cost of ShepherdingView
1127AThe Voice of StrangersView
1127BI Know Thee By NameView
1128A_And They Shall Never PerishViewN/A
1128B_The Message of the StormViewN/A

Mind of Christ, The (1301-1316)

1301ALet This Mind Be in YouView
1301BHe Thought It Not RobberyView
1302AGrace to the HumbleView
1302B...of No ReputationView
1303AThe Form of a ServantView
1303BSo You Want to Be a SlaveView
1304AHis Time Had Not Yet ComeView
1304BGood and Faithful ServantsView
1305ANo More RoomsView
1305BHe Humbled HimselfView
1306AHave You Ever Heard of AsaView
1306BWalking in Humility (Part 2)View
1307AEye to Eye: Humility in WarfareView
1308ANo One to HelpView
1308BBy Himself AloneView
1309AThe Work of God is ThisView
1309BDoes This Offend YouView
1310AHow Did This Man Get Such LearningView
1310BHis Time Had Not Yet ComeView
1311AThe First to Throw a StoneView
1311BHe seemed to be feeling fineView
1312AI AM The Door of the SheepView
1312BAnd They Shall Never PerishView
1313AObedient Unto DeathView
1313BWhat It Means To ObeyView
1314AThe Powers That BeView
1314BThere's No TomorrowView
1315AThe Devil Did Not Make Me Do ItView
1315BAll These Blessings...View
1316AWhatever It TakesView
1316BEvery Knee Shall BowView

Miscellaneous Messages

170Noah, God's Ark-AngelView
171AMaking the Most of Christmas (fiction)View
171BWhat If There Had Been No Christmas?View
171PSMaking the Most of Christmas - How to Switch from Secular to Spiritual (pocket size non-fiction 4x6)ViewN/A  
172Enoch Walked With GodView
174AGod's Prescription for WorryViewN/A
176AHow to Develop a Grateful SpiritView
176BA Grateful Spirit (Part 2)View
179The Miracle in Room 21View
183AWhen They Began to Sing and PraiseViewN/A
184You Were ThereView
185ASo What Are You Doing New Years?View
185BNineteen Ninety LastView
193If It Be So, Then WhyViewN/A
301The Case of the Missing CrossView
303As They Walk Through the DoorView
304There's Good News Tonight (Personal Testimony Russell Kelfer)View
305ANo More RoomsViewN/A
306AIf Only I...ViewN/A
306BWhen The Heavens Appear To Be SilentViewN/A
315Ye Must Be Born AgainView

Obedience (514-519a)

514BFour Things That Never Change (The Principles of Obedience)View
515AImmediate Obedience (The Performance)View
515BComplete ObedienceView
516AObedience to the FinishView
516BJoyful ObedienceView
517ARewards for ObedienceView
517BIllustrations of ObedienceView
518AWrong Counsel and ObedienceView
518BWrong Counsel and Obedience (Part 2)View
519AFear as a Motive for ObedienceView

Parables of Scripture, The (1354-1378)

1354AHe That Hath Ears To HearView
1354BSome Fell On Stony PlacesView
1355ASeed among ThronsView
1355BThe Deceitfulness of RichesView
1356AAt the Root of it All?View
1356BOther Things Entering InView
1357AOur Not So Magnificent ObsessionsView
1357BSome Thirty, Some Sixty, Some HundredfoldView
1358AHerein is My Father GlorifiedView
1358BWhile They Were SleepingView
1359AA Gospel of Insignificant BeginningsView
1359BThe Pearl of Great PriceView
1360AThe Workers in the VineyardView
1360BFive Were Wise; Five Were FoolishView
1361AWell Done, Thou Good and FaithfulView
1361BThey All Began To Make ExcusesView
1362ALost and FoundView
1362BNo More WorthyView
1363ALo, These Many YearsView
1363BGive an Account of Thy StewardshipView
1364AA Great Gulf FixedView
1364BBecause of His PersistenceView
1365AGod, Be MercifulView
1365BThe Really Good SamaritanView
1366BLearning to Make the Spiritual SwitchView

Possessing the Land: The Process of Mentoring (1367-1378)

1367AYou've Wandered Long EnoughView
1367BDiscouraged Hearts and Bad DecisionsView
1368AWhen The Memory GoesView
1368BI Am Not Among YouView
1369AChased Like BeesView
1369BThou Hast Lacked NothingView
1370ASome Shall TrembleView
1370BWhen God Says "No"View
1371AThe Legacy of a Life: The Miracle of MentoringView
1371BThe Things You've Seen and HeardView
1372AMentoring by IntercessionView
1372BMentoring by Intercession Part 2View
1373AMentoring by Intercession Part 3View
1373BMentoring by RemindingView
1374AMentoring by Reminding Part 2View
1374BMentoring by Reminding Part 3View
1375AMentoring By TeachingView
1375BMentoring by EncouragementView
1376AMentoring by Encouragement Part 2View
1376BMentoring Through Life's Storms Part 3View
1377AMentoring Through The Word of GodView
1377BMentoring Through The Word Part 2View
1378AMentoring: The True TestView
1378BThe True Test of Mentoring Part 2View

Prayer: God's "Secret" Weapon (1328-1339)

1328AWhy Don't We PrayView
1328BWhy Must We PrayView
1329A"The Essence of Prayer"View
1329BThe Secret PlaceView
1330AYour Father KnowsView
1330B"Our Father Who Art in Heaven"View
1331A"Hallowed Be Thy name"View
1331B"Thy Kingdom Come"View
1332AGive Us This Day Our Daily BreadView
1332BForgive usView
1333ALead Us Not Into TemptationView
1333B"In Jesus' Name, Amen"View
1334A"That They May Behold"View
1334B"That They May Behold My Glory" Part 2View
1335A"That They All May Be One"View
1335B"Holy Father, Keep Them"View
1336AThey Are Not of the WorldView
1336BYou Want Me To Love My Enemies?View
1337AFor All Those in AuthorityView
1337BMaking Mention of You in My PrayersView
1338AFilled With All The Fullness of GodView
1338BLet's Make A Prayer ListView
1339ALet's Make A CommitmentView
1339BLet Us PrayView

Promises and God's Word (510-514)

510AThe Creativity of a CrisisView
510BPossessing the Promises (Part 1)View
511APossessing the Promises (Part 2)View
511BPossessing the Promises (Part 3)View
512APossessing the Promises (Part 4)View
512BThe Miracle of Memorization (Part 1)View
513AThe Miracle of Memorization (Part 2)View
513BThe Miracle of Meditation (Part 1)View
514AThe Miracle of Meditation (Part 2)View

Starting Over (1201-1204)

1201AHow Would You Like To Start Over?View
1201BGuilt: True or FalseView
1202AFreedom From BitternessView
1202BFirst, Be ReconciledView
1203AThe Sin Which Doth So Easily Beset UsView
1203BDare to Be DisciplinedView
1204AAre You in Love?View
1204BLove Who, Lord?View

Testing (519b-526)

519BThe Keys to TestingView
520AThis Is a TestView
520BWhy God Tests UsView
521ATesting to Teach "God Is"View
521BTesting to Equip Us to MinisterView
522ATesting: To Teach Us to PrayView
522BTesting and Spiritual WarfareView
523ATesting: The Voice of the StrangerView
523BTesting and Satan's PlanView
524ATesting: Satan Steals the SeedView
524BSatan Kills the RootsView
525ASatan Destroys the FruitView
525BTesting: God's School for AngelsView
526ATesting: School for Angels (Part 2)View
526BTesting: Testimony to the WorldView

Tough Choices (1324-1327)

1324ATaming the Temper, Part 1View
1324BTaming The Temper, Part 2View
1325ATaming The Temper, Part 3View
1325BTeakettles, Sundown and a Second HandView
1326ATaming the Temper Part 5, Turning the Curse into a BlessingView
1326BThat Enemy Called EnvyView
1327ABe Ye HolyView
1327BWalking on Hot CoalsView

What the Word Says About Word (1317-1322)

1317AOpen My Eyes That I May Behold Wondrous ThingsView
1317BWondrous Things out of Thy LawView
1318AO Lord, Teach MeView
1318BMore Than My Necessary FoodView
1319AIT is Good For MeView
1319BThese Words Shall Be On Your HeartView
1320AAs a Man Thinketh in His HeartView
1320BA Thread of TruthView
1321ABringing the Word into FocusView
1321BThat You May Observe To DoView
1322AThe Grass WithersView
1322BWhat Now?View

Will of God, The (1115-1119)

1115AWhat to Do When God CallsView
1115BHow To Find The Will of God (Part 1)View
1116AKeys to Finding the Will of GodView
1116BThe Key That Opens the Ear of GodView
1117AAbsolute-ly The Will of GodView
1117BAbsolute-ly The Will of God (Part 2)View
1118ALet's Make it Work!View
1118BOn EarthView
1119AAlmost in ConclusionView
1119BAfter You've Done the Will of GodView


191CSThe Day Grandpa Was Born and Four Other Christmas stories (book)ViewN/A  

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